BRIFLY is a new age media aggregator working towards the mission of making news easy for the general public. We source news from various portals, making 'BRIFLY' a one pitstop for all your updates. The news sourced from various national and international news sources are summarized and shared, ensuring our user stays informed.
In today's world it is hard to keep a track of the news. Harder is the relevance and credibility of the news. It becomes harder when there are multiple angles to the same story. In 'BRIFLY' we look forward to easing the pressure off a layman, by providing him with news from relevant and credible sources. We don't give opinions and in turn present you the facts, ensuring there is a smooth flow of truth. We are also working towards a goal of empowering the younger generation by providing them the information and knowledge that would help them to create a positive impact in our society.
To attain our objectives, we assemble together the aspects of storytelling, technology, and journalism to create a modern newsroom.
Our team creates the news to the point, delivering it quickly and briefly.