Brifly News


Brifly initially began as a simple idea, which is “News can be so much more simplified and even easier to consume”. We at Brifly, firmly believe that it is more important that the news we publish is accurate, compliant with journalistic ethics and verified through multiple sources, rather than just scrambling to be the first to report it.


How is it different than any other news organization?


By doing some extensive research on how an average person consumes news, we have concluded that the most efficient way to consume news is through a CRISP, BRIEF and SWIFT manner. This way, the consumer is not only saving time, but can also be rest assured that the information is accurate and verified. Our posts have no more than 80 words, which is easy to consume on the go.



Here is how we stand out:


  • Brifly News is a collaborative brainchild of diverse media professionals with a goal of revolutionizing the way news is delivered and consumed.
  • At Brifly we encourage our reporters to put forth news and not views, with emphasis on fact-checking and verification.
  • Our unique format of news delivery: keeping it short, accurate and an easy read. With a hybrid approach (traditional + new media) towards presenting content, we focus on delivering verified news that is consistent and credible.
  • By leveraging the potential of social media, especially amongst the younger demographic, we have set out to deliver news in an "easy-to-consume" format.
  • News at Brifly is packaged as a visual or a post on Instagram, with short captions and a voice over that elaborates on the news presented.


Here are the main principles upon which Brifly was founded:


  • Verified News: We verify news from multiple sources
  • No Opinion: Focus on Information Not Perspective
  • No Biased News: We deliver news Not views
  • Brief: We provide 5W’s & 1H
  • Crisp: We publish News under 80 words
  • Regional News: Multiple Language