Munir Ahmad Farhad, spokesperson for the provincial governor confirmed the news
Airstrike kills 25 Taliban Terrorists: Civilian Casualties Said To Have Been Caused

An airstrike took place in the Dawlat Abad Village of Balkh district, Afghanistan. It is reported that the airstrike has killed atleast 25 terrorists who were hiding there. A local source claims that the attack destroyed a farmer's house, killing four civilians, including a child and a woman. However, the officials deny this claim.

Fri, 26 Jun 2020 - 10:21 PM / by Atishay Jain

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Global Brands Like H&M & Nike Face Serious Dilemma Over Xinjiang Cotton In China

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Egypt Unearths 3000-Yr-Old 'Lost Golden City' Of King Amenhotep III Era

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NASA's VIPER Rover To Be Carried By SpaceX's Falcon Heavy In 2023

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Fire Blazing Hospital Could Not Stop Doctors From Performing Surgery

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