China floods 2020
China Hit With Landslide, Evacuation In Process

China was hit with a major landslide, resulting in it blocking a river, creating a barrier lake that put the neighbouring provinces of Anhui and Jiangxi, in danger of being submerged. The evacuation is currently under process. Ministry officials had stated that they will be surveilling the water levels at the Three Gorges Dam, which is now over 16 meters elevated than its official warning level.

Wed, 22 Jul 2020 - 08:49 PM / by Vaishnavi Venkatesh

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Flag of Taiwan

Chinese Warplane Enters Taiwan's Airspace

Taiwan reported yet another Chinese warplane entering the Taiwanese Southeast Air Defense Identification Zone (AIDZ) on April 4. Taiwan Defense Ministry stated the aircraft entered the airspace between Taiwan and Dongsha Island in the South China… read-more

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TS Tirumurti

India's UN Counter Terrorism Fund Contribution Crosses $1 Mn Mark

India's Permanent Representative to the UN TS Tirumurti on April 7 stated India has contributed over $1 million to the UN Trust Fund for Counter-Terrorism. Earlier, on April 7, India contributed $500,000 to the fund, taking the total contribution… read-more

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Ever Given ship.

Suez Blockade: Egypt Demands $1 Billion Compensation To Release 'Ever Given' Ship

The Suez canal chief demands $1 billion from 'Ever Given' ship management as compensation, and warns of seizing the ship if the issue is not solved amicably. The compensation includes the cost of the ship's salvage operation, stalled traffic, and… read-more

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Honey Production

Odisha: Tribals Fear Forest Fires, High Temp May Cause Low Honey Output

Honey collectors in tribal areas of Odisha’s Mayurbhanj have claimed that wildfires and rising temperatures in Similipal Biosphere Reserve will adversely affect the honey output. Subsequently, around 2,000 tribal families mainly relying on the… read-more

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Fukushima Power plant

Japan Announces To Release Million Tonnes Treated Water Into Ocean

Japan government announced the release of more than a million tonnes of treated water from 2011-tsunami affected nuclear plant 'Fukushima' into the ocean. Japan scheduled this project a few years later and assured the treated water will be free… read-more

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Russia Slaps $117,000 Fine On Twitter For Not Removing Disputed Post

Microblogging platform Twitter has been fined $117,000 for not deleting protest-related posts in Russia. The Russian authorities, on April 2, slapped Twitter with three fines, asking to pay the amount in 60 days. Moreover, the officials claimed… read-more

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