A paralyzed mouse in lab.

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German Scientist Successes Producing Artificial Nerve Fibres To Cure Paralysis

In an attempt to cure spinal-cord-induced-paralysis, German scientists from Bocham's Ruh University have claimed success in producing new nerve fibres for muscle-brain connection. As per the scientists, they stimulated nerve cells via designer protein "hyper-interleukin-6". Reportedly, the paralyzed-mice injected with the protein were able to walk after two-three weeks as new cells generated to carry information from brain to spine. However, the researchers believe this experiment on human is a long shot.

Sun, 24 Jan 2021 - 01:43 PM / by Harsh Vardhan

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Photographer Captures ISS In Front Of Moon, 400 Km Away From Earth

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Representational photo: A public health care centre.

Delhi's Pvt Centres Clock 74% COVID Vaccination Despite Free Govt Outlets

Despite free vaccination at the government centres, the volunteer turnouts at Delhi’s private hospitals was reported at 74%. Reportedly, only 3,063 people out of the 11,655 got vaccinated at government centres, rest visited private facilities for… read-more

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IAU Certifies 18 New Asteroid Discoveries Made By Indian Students

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SpaceX's SN 10 rocket crashlands in Texas

SpaceX's Third Starship Rocket Explodes During Its Test Flight

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