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GitHub replaces racially charged software terms: Impact of Black Lives Matter Movement

As the Black Lives Matter Movement spurred many actions in the Tech Industry, GitHub an open code hosting platform is working on replacing racially-charged language, by working on the removal of terms that represent slavery such as 'Master' and 'Slave' into 'Main/Default/Primary' and 'Secondary'. It also replaces words such as 'Blacklist' and 'Whitelist' into 'allow list' and 'deny/exclude list'.

Mon, 15 Jun 2020 - 05:09 PM / by D. RamaKrishnan

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GST: Union Govt To Borrow Rs 1.1 Lakh Crore And Pass It To States

The Finance Ministry on October 15 stated that it will borrow Rs 1.1 lakh crore to bridge the shortfall in the Goods and Services Tax compensation. It further stated the move will not put pressure on the Centre's fiscal deficit target either… read-more

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Hollywood Film Producer Harvey Weinstein Faces More Rape Charges

Los Angeles district attorney on October 3 informed of another six charges of sexual assault against former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Reportedly, some charges were decade-old incidents. The attorney said, if convicted, Weinstein could… read-more

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US President Trump Discharged From Hospital; To Begin Campaigning Soon

US President Donald Trump, after a four-day stay for COVID-19 treatment, was discharged from the Walter Reed Medical Centre on October 5 . Dr Sean Coley said the President's health had improved, and he had met or exceeded all standard hospital… read-more

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US President Donald Trump Calls His COVID Illness "A Blessing From God"

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Taiwan Launches New Passport Design To Mark Unique Identity

The Foreign Ministry of Taiwan has released a new design of the Taiwan passport, with changes to logo and font. The name “Taiwan” has been made prominent with larger font and the text 'Republic of China' has been replaced with a logo of ROC.… read-more

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