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GitHub replaces racially charged software terms: Impact of Black Lives Matter Movement

As the Black Lives Matter Movement spurred many actions in the Tech Industry, GitHub an open code hosting platform is working on replacing racially-charged language, by working on the removal of terms that represent slavery such as 'Master' and 'Slave' into 'Main/Default/Primary' and 'Secondary'. It also replaces words such as 'Blacklist' and 'Whitelist' into 'allow list' and 'deny/exclude list'.

Mon, 15 Jun 2020 - 05:09 PM / by D. RamaKrishnan

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Representational photo: Cotton stored in bags.

Pakistan Likely To Import Cotton From India Due To Shortfall

Recent media reports have revealed that Pakistan may allow cotton imports from India this week as a measure to restore bilateral trade. Reportedly, Pakistan is facing a shortage of cotton, which was taken to the cognisance of PM Imran Khan. Once… read-more

TAGS: Pakistan , India, Imran Khan, Cotton Imports, Ceasefire Agreement

Twitter's First Tweet

Jack Dorsey To Trade His First-Ever Tweet; Bid Amount $100,000

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is selling the microblogging platform's first-ever tweet as a cryptographically autographed digital certificate on 'Valuables by Cent', the virtual marketplace for non-fungible tokens. Additionally, the certificate bears… read-more

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Okinawa Dual

Okinawa Launches Electric 2-Wheeler 'Dual' For Delivery Businesses

E-vehicle manufacturer Okinawa Autotech has launched a new electric two-wheeler, specifically targetting the delivery businesses. Named Dual, the customisable two-wheeler comes with a 200-kg loading capacity and can deliver gas cylinders, water… read-more

TAGS: Electric Vehicle, B2B, Delivery, Dual, Okinawa


Khalsa Aid To Rescue Drought Hit Africa's Gambia; Install Borewells

In a humanitarian aid, an UK based non-profit organisation Khalsa Aid have initiated a project to dig borewells in drought hit Gambia, West Africa to install fresh water pumps. Reportedly, Gambia's 45.3% of water sources are contaminated as it… read-more

TAGS: Khalsa Aid, Gambia, Africa, Charity, Humanitarian Help

Guardians app by Truecaller

Truecaller Launches 'Guardians' App To Ensure Personal Safety

Truecaller has launched 'Guardians', a free app warranting personal safety by enabling users to select a personal guardian from their contact list and set up permanent sharing of locations and the like. The app, equipped with a panic button,… read-more

TAGS: truecaller, Guardians, personal safety, forever sharing, panic button

The American Jobs First Act proposes to overhaul the H-1B visa program by making necessary changes.

GOP Congressmen Introduce Legislation Of H-1B Visas In US

A proposal to renew the H-1B visa was put forward in the US' House of Representatives by Republican Congressmen Mo Brooks, Matt Gaetz, and Lance Gooden. Reportedly, the bill states a foreign worker won't be given H-1B visa unless… read-more

TAGS: H-1B visa, immigrants, USA, Republican, Congressmen