Google Office in Washington

Photo: Fortune

Google Donates $1 Million To Taiwan FactCheck Center

U.S tech company Google Inc. has donated 1 million dollars to the Taiwan FactCheck Center (TWC), to help combat the effects of disinformation. Reportedly, the funds will be disbursed over the next three years, helping approximately 23 thousand people. Moreover, the company will be using the money to fund workshops for the elderly people in remote areas, indigenous groups, and newly naturalised citizens in particular, according to reports. 

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Joe Biden sleeping.

Netizens Troll Joe Biden For Appearing To Fall Asleep At COP26 Summit

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Columbian Navy

Colombian Navy Captures 3 Submarines & 1 Speed Boat With 7.41 Tonnes Of Cocaine

The Colombian Naval Forces detained three submarines and a speed boat carrying 7.41 tonnes of cocaine in national and international waters. Reportedly, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia account for almost 90% of the world's coca crops, making these… read-more

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COP26 in Glasgow

Governments To Aid Countries Affected By Global Warming: COP26

Authorities pressed for an agreement on how to assist vulnerable countries in coping with global warming and recompense for harm already done. They also discussed whether nations can overcome the impasse on… read-more

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Citizen Journalist Zhang Zhan.

US Demands China To Release Citizen Journalist Zhang Zhan From Jail

The United States demanded an ''unconditional release'' of citizen journalist Zhang Zhan from Chinese jail as her health condition is getting worse day by day that can lead her to death. Zhan was awarded four years of jail for reporting the COVID… read-more

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Pollution in pakistan

Lahore Most Polluted City In The World: Report

United States Air Quality Index, reported Lahore as the most polluted city in the world on November 11. Reportedly, the air quality in the city of Pakistan was recorded at over 600 on the air quality index. Moreover, an AQI of 681 was recorded in… read-more

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WhatsApp on Mobile phone

WhatsApp Likely To Remove Time Limit Of 'Delete For Everyone' Feature

In a major development, WhatsApp is reportedly planning to increase the time limit of Its ''Delete for Everyone'' feature. At present, the company offers around one hour to use the feature which was first launched in 2017. It is expected that the… read-more

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