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Honeywell makes Worlds Fastest Quantum Processor

Honeywell, a multinational conglomerate is poised to develop the world's fastest Quantum computer with Quantum volume of 64 which is two times more powerful than the next fastest system. Honeywell's main goal is to keep the error rates to a minimum and raise quality levels. Quantum computing is at the pinnacle of super computing applicable for solving complex computational challenges seen in machine learning and deep learning.

Mon, 22 Jun 2020 - 09:13 AM / by D. RamaKrishnan

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Google Partners With BMC To Mark Containment Zones on Google Maps

With a view to help users navigate safely through the city, Google has partnered with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to update information about containment areas in Mumbai on Google Maps. Reportedly, the user has to enable COVID-19… read-more

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One Plus 8T 5G To Release Worldwide on October 14

OnePlus will introduce the OnePlus 8T 5G worldwide via live broadcast on the OnePlus YouTube channel and the One Plus World Experience at 7:30 pm IST on October14. The OnePlus World is expansive 360-degree virtual reality Express which offers… read-more

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US Accuses Google Of Digital Monopoly, To File Antitrust Case

Accusing complete monopoly in the search-engine market, the US Justice department has decided to file antitrust-charges against Google. Reportedly, the company has been accused of paying billions to become the 'default browser' in phones and… read-more

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Airtel-Ericsson pact for formation of 5G-ready radio network.

Airtel, Ericsson Renew Contract To Deploy 5G-ready Radio Network

Airtel on October 7 renewed its contract with Ericsson for five years to deploy 5G-ready radio network. Bharti Airtel stated that the decision is aimed at enhancing the experience of its customers. "Delighted to deepen our partnership with… read-more

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HDFC to Finance Tata's Passenger Vehicles Under New Scheme

Under the new ’Gradual Step Up’ and ’TML Flexi Drive’ schemes, Tata motors reported that its passenger vehicles can be financed by HDFC banks after the collaboration. Reportedly, the schemes are open until the end of November where the customers… read-more


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Stocks Down for Reliance and Future Retail after Halt in Deal

Stocks fell for Reliance and Future Retail by 3.65% and 5.01% respectively at BSE after the asset sale was halted by an arbitration panel. Amazon, which holds a 7.3% stake and 'Contractual rights' in the Future Retail initiated arbitrary… read-more

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