Tree hugging

Tree hugging campaign / Reuters

Israel Starts Tree-Hugging Campaign to Defeat Corona Virus Despair

Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority has started a new tree-hugging campaign to help people overcome the blues that come with social and physical distancing. “In this unpleasant corona period we recommend to go out to nature, hug a tree, and get love,” said Orit Steinfeld, the authority’s marketing director. The authority organised a tour of the Apollonia National Park in Tel Aviv for tree huggers. 

Mon, 13 Jul 2020 - 07:24 PM / by Masumi Shah

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Indian expats in Kuwait.

Kuwait Under Fire For Making Vaccination Difficult For Expats

Kuwait is under fire for prioritizing its own people for vaccination, leaving out the expatriate who make 70% of the country's population. The other Arab countries are in a race of vaccinating everyone to reach herd immunity, whereas the… read-more

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Indian and Japanese flag.

Japan's Prime Minister Plans Visit To India

Amidst Chinese aggression, Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga plans to visit India as reported by the government sources on April 7. The visit is scheduled for April but dates are yet to be confirmed. PM Modi and PM Suga spoke over the phone… read-more

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Representational Image

NASA To Send First Woman, Non-White To Moon By 2024

NASA is preparing to send the first woman and a non-white person to the Moon. Reportedly, the move is to send manned mission under its diversified international spaceflight program, Artemis. Supported by the Biden-Harris government, Artemis… read-more

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US Capitol

US Capitol Under Lockdown As Security Breach Causes Cop's Death

The US Capitol was forced into lockdown on April 2 after a car rammed two police officials at the Washington complex. Ramming into security check, attackers killed one cop and severely hurt another. While the cops shot dead the car driver, the… read-more

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FIFA Suspends Pakistan's Football Team Due To Third Party Interference

Following belligerent takeover of PFF headquarters in Lahore, FIFA dismissed Pakistan's football team over third-party interference, on April 7. The hostile takeover, led by few protesters ousted the FIFA appointed Haroon Malik by allegedly… read-more

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Child bookaholic Kiara Kaur (5)

Indian-American Bookaholic Girl Sets world Record; Reads 35 Books In 105 Mins

UAE-based Indian-American Kiara Kaur, sets the world record for reading the highest number of books continuously i.e., 36 books in 105 minutes. The five-year-old bagged the World Book of Records in London and Asia… read-more

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