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Joe Biden - A Man With Ups And Downs, Fame And Controversies!

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, popularly-known as Joe Biden, is now confirmed as 46th and the oldest President-elect of the United States. Born on November 20, 1942 in Pennsylvania, Biden is a law graduate from New York's Syracuse University. He was in his third grade when he moved to Delaware, the same place where he has served as a senator for 36 years. Just a few weeks after getting elected as Senator, Biden lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident and had taken oath of the office from the hospital ward where his son was admitted. In 1987 and 2009, Biden ran for the US presidency but quit the race. Though he became the Vice-President of the US in 2009. He has also supported the Iraq war in 2002, which he later regretted as a "mistake". However, Biden's political career has not been free from controversies. The President-elect was accused of sexual assault in the 90s. He was also criticised for touching women inappropriately, which Biden claimed as "Expression of Affection". Former US president Barack Obama addresses him as his "older brother", and honoured him with US' highest civilian award "Presidential Medal of Freedom" with distinction in 2017.

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