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Prototype Of First US Dollar Coin Auctioned For Whopping $840,000

A prototype of US' first dollar coin has fetched $840,000 in an auction. Known as a 'pattern', the 1794 copper coin exhibits the Liberty's portrait while displaying an eagle on a rock on the flip side. Interestingly, the coin is considered to be a "one-of-a kind" prototype as it misses the engraved stars. Earlier owned by businessman Bob Simpson, the coin's auction price was expected in the range of $350,000-$500,000.

Mon, 26 Apr 2021 - 06:15 PM / by Ronit John

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Uber Plans To Hire 250 Engineers In Hyderabad, B'luru To Expand Teams

Uber on June 9 announced to hire around 250 engineers in Hyderabad and Bengaluru to expand the tech and product teams. Reportedly, the new hiring will strengthen many aspects of the company including rides and driver growth, eats, delivery,… read-more

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President Xi Jinping

China Pursues New Diplomatic Approach To Rebuild Its Sinking Image

In order to rebuild the sinking image of the nation since pandemic, China has decided to create a "trustworthy, lovable and respectable" image of its own. Reportedly, President Xi Jinping has advised the Senior Communist Party officials to create… read-more

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Land Mine Sniffer 'Hero Rat' Magawa Retires After 5 Years Of Service

Cambodia's hero rat 'Magawa' has retired after sniffing nearly 1.5 million square feet of land for mines and explosives. The African giant pouched rat was trained by a Belgian non-profit, APOPO, to detect the explosives for human safety. Magawa… read-more

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Austrian police.

Austrian Govt Arrests 81 In A Global Sting Against Organised Crime

81 out of 800 people were arrested in Austria in a global sting against organised crime belonging from various groups. The arrested are suspects of multiple crimes including drug trafficking and murder. Reportedly the joint operation by the US… read-more

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Mouse Sperm Survives In Space For 6 Years, Produces 168 Healthy Mice

Three boxes of 48 ampoules containing freeze-dried mouse sperms have reportedly survived in the ISS and produced healthy "pups". The sperms were brought back to earth and rehydrated producing 168 off-springs. Reportedly, they have not shown any… read-more

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Spider webs.

Massive Spider Webs Cover South-Eastern Victoria In Australia

In the Gippsland area of southeastern Victoria in Australia, huge spider webs were seen covering the field, roads, vegetation and other parts which has created 'gossamer' sheets. However, it was noticed only after heavy rainfall and flash flood.… read-more

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