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Sleeping With Wet Hair Weakens Scalp, Damages Hair Growth: Expert

Sleeping with wet hair after a shower does more harm than good, said dermatologist Dr. Jushya Sarin. Jushya said wet hair soften the weak strands, making them prone to breaking and falling out due to friction on pillow. Sleeping with wet hair on a regular basis can also pose greater risk as wet hair may lead to fungus and bacteria causing inflammation, Jushya said. Besides, dry scalp helps in making hair greasy and oily.

Tue, 23 Feb 2021 - 12:45 PM / by Harsh Vardhan

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Control Acne With Anti-inflammatory Diet, Lifestyle

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High Fructose Diet May Impair Immune System: British Study

A high sugar fructose diet might hamper the proper functioning of immune systems, a study administered by British scientists revealed. The study published in the journal 'Nature Communications' explains that fructose inflames the immune system,… read-more

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Nutritionist Suggests Radish For Improved Immunity, Skin, Heart Health

Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwala advises to include radish in winter-diet for its numerous benefits, including properties to cure cough and cold. Munmun says, adding radish in everyday diet enhances skin glow along with boosting immunity. Loaded… read-more

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Better Results If Fruits Are Eaten In First Half Of Day: Nutritionist

Nutritionist Karishma Chawla says that one needs to be careful about how and when to consume fruits and juices to manage blood sugar levels. To avoid insulin spike, Karishma recommends consuming whole fruits rather than juice in the first half of… read-more

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Lakme Fashion Week, Fashion Design Council Unite To Hold Joint Event

After a 15-year gap, two big fashion weeks - Lakme and RISE Worldwide, and Fashion Design Council of India - are merging into one single show that will transpire in a hybrid format. Slated for an online public showcase from March 16 to 21, the… read-more

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transgenders help Ulhasnagar traffic police control traffic

Transgender Community Helps Thane Cops To Control Traffic

In a never-before-seen development, around 50 members of the transgender community in Maharashtra accompanied Thane’s Ulhasnagar cops in monitoring the traffic and halting violators. The joint initiative of Ulhasnagar Traffic Police and Vanya… read-more

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