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Teen Spends 16 Lakhs On PUBG Game Without The Knowledge Of His Parents: Punjab

A Punjab teen spent INR 16 lakhs on "in-app purchases" of PUBG mobile game. The 17-year-old borrowed his mother's phone, claiming that he needs it for online classes, through which he gained access to his parent's bank account. Though the teen deleted the transaction history, ended up getting caught by his parents. The Sensor Tower has found that users spent around USD 226 million on PUBG, in May.

Sat, 04 Jul 2020 - 01:45 PM / by D. RamaKrishnan

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Indian Patents Filed Overseas Are More Quick, Successful: Study

A data analysis revealed that four of every 10 patents filed by Indians abroad get a nod while the same for domestic filing is one of 10. Experts cite haphazard, high filing cost and slow disposal behind the dismal state. While experts suspect… read-more

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Tech Giants

More Companies To Apply For Setting Up New UPI-like Payments System

According to reports, more companies could join hands to apply for the setting up of a new UPI-like digital payments system. Facebook, Amazon and Google, along with Visa and Mastercard, have already applied for licenses in India to operate the… read-more

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Motorola To Launch Moto G10 Power, Moto G30 In India

American smartphone maker Motorola is eyeing to launch its much awaited Moto G10 Power and Moto G30 in India on March 9. With a waterdrop style display notch, Moto G10 comes with a 48 MP primary camera. Whereas, Moto G 30, with a 90Hz refresh… read-more

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IIT-G Team Develops AI-Powered System To Detect Colorectal Cancer

Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati's research team and scientists from international institutes have created an automatic Artificial Intelligence-run system for detecting colorectal cancer. The experts said that colorectal cancer, the third… read-more

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Yuskau Maezawa with Elon Musk

Opportunity To Join Moon Mission 2023; Completely Funded By Japanese Billionaire

The Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has announced a contest to select eight eligible SpaceX 'Starship' passengers globally for his Dear Moon 2023 mission. Releasing a YouTube video, Maezawa shared the criteria which is to "push its envelope… read-more

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Twitter's First Tweet

Jack Dorsey To Trade His First-Ever Tweet; Bid Amount $100,000

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is selling the microblogging platform's first-ever tweet as a cryptographically autographed digital certificate on 'Valuables by Cent', the virtual marketplace for non-fungible tokens. Additionally, the certificate bears… read-more

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