Number of users holding Tesla stock, increased more than 400%

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Tesla Share Holders Reap Benefits of their Investments, Share Value Rockets

As Tesla rises up to be the most highly valued automobile company, it has been rewarding everyone who got a hold of its shares. Tesla shares have rocketed from an initial $230 dollars in October to $1500 dollars a share now. From college students to even retail investors, people have reaped handsome rewards. Tesla shares are now among the most popular on US retail investor platforms.

Tue, 21 Jul 2020 - 03:12 PM / by Atishay Jain

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Harvey Weinstein

Hollywood Film Producer Harvey Weinstein Faces More Rape Charges

Los Angeles district attorney on October 3 informed of another six charges of sexual assault against former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Reportedly, some charges were decade-old incidents. The attorney said, if convicted, Weinstein could… read-more

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Donald Trump near the hospital

US President Trump Discharged From Hospital; To Begin Campaigning Soon

US President Donald Trump, after a four-day stay for COVID-19 treatment, was discharged from the Walter Reed Medical Centre on October 5 . Dr Sean Coley said the President's health had improved, and he had met or exceeded all standard hospital… read-more

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US President Donald Trump Calls His COVID Illness "A Blessing From God"

After returning to the Oval Office, US President Donald Trump aired an video message, wherein he called his COVID-19 diagnosis as "a blessing from God". He lauded the experimental drug he was given and opined that all the US citizens should have… read-more

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Taiwan's Redesigned Passport

Taiwan Launches New Passport Design To Mark Unique Identity

The Foreign Ministry of Taiwan has released a new design of the Taiwan passport, with changes to logo and font. The name “Taiwan” has been made prominent with larger font and the text 'Republic of China' has been replaced with a logo of ROC.… read-more

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World Bank Group

World Bank To Provide $12Bn Financial Aid For Vaccine Deployment in Developing Countries

With a view to help developing nations fight the pandemic and access vaccines, the World Bank announced a financial aid of $12 billion. The amount is a part of World Bank Group package of $160 billion, pledged for Coronavirus, and intends to “… read-more

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Photo Of Newborn Taking Off Doctor's Mask Goes Viral; Netizens See "Hope"

A photo of a newborn taking off doctor's mask has left the internet filled with love and optimism. UAE-based gynaecologist Dr Samer Cheaib recently posted the picture … read-more

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