Number of users holding Tesla stock, increased more than 400%

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Tesla Share Holders Reap Benefits of their Investments, Share Value Rockets

As Tesla rises up to be the most highly valued automobile company, it has been rewarding everyone who got a hold of its shares. Tesla shares have rocketed from an initial $230 dollars in October to $1500 dollars a share now. From college students to even retail investors, people have reaped handsome rewards. Tesla shares are now among the most popular on US retail investor platforms.

Tue, 21 Jul 2020 - 03:12 PM / by Atishay Jain

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Mia Khalifa's post on Israel.

Porn Star Mia Khalifa Faces Ire For Calling Israel "Apartheid" State

Former adult-film star Mia Khalifa has been slammed by Twitteratis after she called Israel an "apartheid” state while sharing a picture of her drinking a Nazi-era wine. She had captioned her tweet as, "My wine is older than your apartheid 'state… read-more

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Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli PM Netanyahu's Rule At Stake As Opposition Claims Of Majority

The Israeli opposition is confident on ending PM Benjamin Netanyahu's 12-year-long rule as they announced to have reached a majority to form a new coalition government. Reportedly, leaders of the coalition, Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid, will… read-more

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Joe Biden

US, Russia, China To Converge On COVID-19 Issue In G7 Summit

President Joe Biden's meeting with leaders from Russia and China sees an unlikely ally ship between the three countries against a common deterrent, COVID-19. Scheduled in this week, the meeting will revolve on issues including the new emerging… read-more

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1000-year-old chicken egg

Israeli Archaeologists Find 1000-year-old Unbroken Chicken Egg

A Team of archaeologists in Israel made an extraordinary discovery of a 1000-year-old unbroken chicken egg in Yavne. Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) took to Facebook, to share a detailed post of this incredible find. The archaeologists found… read-more

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WhatsApp To Switch 'Reply' Colour Back To Green

WhatsApp scraped its dark blue coloured notifications and is bringing back its green coloured notifications for Android Beta users. Previously the "Reply" and "Mark As Read" options in the notifications were in deep blue colours but is now… read-more

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UNHRC meeting

Peeved Palestine Writes To EAM Over India's Stance At UNHRC Vote

Palestinian foreign minister Dr Riad Malki has written to India's External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishnakar on Delhi’s stance at a UNHRC resolution. The resolution which demanded investigation into the Gaza violence was reportedly abstained by… read-more

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