Donald Trump
Trump administration revokes Obama-era protections for transgender people

Trump administration finalised a regulation overturning Obama-era protections for transgender people against sex discrimination in health care on June 12. The Department of Health and Human Services said sex discrimination protections will be given ÔÇ£according to the plain meaning of the word ÔÇÿsex' as male or female and as determined by biology,ÔÇØ unlike Obama, who had sought broader understanding of the term. 

Tue, 16 Jun 2020 - 01:26 AM / by Masumi Shah

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PepsiCo India Starts 'Bowl of Hope' Campaign To Feed 50K+ Families

To commemorate Whole Grain Sampling Day, PepsiCo India launched an awareness initiative 'Bowl of Hope' on April 1. Launched in association with 'United Way Delhi,' the week-long campaign will aware of a healthy lifestyle through video sessions.… read-more

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No social, cultural or sports-related gatherings will be allowed in the state

CM Amarinder Singh Announces Night Curfew In Punjab Till April 30

Punjab CM Amarinder Singh has announced to enforce night curfew in the state till April 30, from 9 PM to 5 AM. Initially, the curfew was imposed in 12 districts but now it has been extended to the state. However, the government has strictly… read-more

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Gujarat High Court

Gujrat High Court Slams State Government On COVID-19 Situation

In a suo motu case hearing at Gujarat HC on April 12, the court disagreed with government’s explanation on handling the COVID-19 situation in the state. However, the reality is different from the government version and people have ‘trust deficit… read-more

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Floods and landslides in Indonesia.

100 Dead In Indonesia, East Timor Due To Flash Floods & Landslides

Around 100 people have died after a flash floods & landslides occurred in Indonesia and East Timor. Caused by torrential rains, the dams overflowed submerging over thousands of homes spread from East Indonesia’s Flores Island to East Timor.… read-more

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Slash and burn agriculture in Amazon

Wildfires, Farming, Ranching Increase Deforestation By 17% In Amazon

Amazon rainforests have lost scores of green cover as deforestation increased by 17% in 2020. A University of Maryland report pointed that around 2.3 million acres of land, equivalent to El Salvador, has lost the forest cover. Losing over 1.5… read-more

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Pyramid shaped objects hovering above USS Russell

Mysterious UFO-Like Objects Captured On Video By US Navy Personnel

The US Navy's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force has captured a night-vision video of three faint orbs and a triangular object flying above military vessel USS Russell.  Reportedly, the video clip was used in filmmaker Jeremy Corbell's… read-more

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