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PM Benjamin's Big Statement On Whether Israel Will Capture Gaza?

mid the fear that Israel may recapture Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made a statement that indicates that the Israeli Defence Forces are there in Gaza to stay. PM Netanyahu said that Israel will have security responsibility over the Gaza Strip for an indefinite period. This shows that Israel will not leave Gaza till it is assured of destroying all Hamas sites and militants, with indefinite security concern.

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Firing at Pak Airbase

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Pakistan Airbase Miyanwali Under Attack, 3 Militants killed : Reports

Pak Air Force base in Nothern Pakistan's Mianwali reportedly came under a massive terror attack involving suicide bombers on Friday night. Several videos of the attack were shared on social media. Reuters quoted the Pakistan military and reported that three attackers were killed in response to the attack. Three attackers are still active inside the base as heavy gunfighting is on, it said.

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Israel Gaza Attack

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Israel strikes ambulance near Gaza hospital, 15 reported killed

An Israeli air strike on an ambulance being used to evacuate the wounded from besieged northern Gaza killed 15 people and injured 60 others on Friday, the Hamas-controlled enclave's health ministry said. Israel's military said it had identified and hit an ambulance "being used by a Hamas terrorist cell". It said Hamas fighters were killed in the strike, and accused the group of transferring militants and weapons in ambulances.

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PM Modi-UAE President

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Israel-Palestine War: PM Narendra Modi Dails UAE President

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 3, discussed the situation in West Asia with UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed, talking about, the deteriorating security scenario and the loss of civilian lives in the region. In a post on X, Modi said they agreed on the need for early resolution of the security and humanitarian situation and that a durable regional peace, security and stability is in everyone's interest.

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Indian student who was stabbed, on venilator

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US Department Expresses Grief Over Indian Student Stabbed In Indiana, Assured Legal Support

The United States Government expressed grief over the recent unfortunate attack on Indian student, in Indiana. Notably, on October 29, Varun Raj Pucha, a student from India was brutally stabbed in gym, and is currently is on ventilator support, fighting for his life. While the Indian government expressed grief and anger, demanding… read-more

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Gaza Refugee camp site

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Gaza Refugee Blast: Aljazeera's Engineer Lost 19 Family Members

Qatar-based news outlet Al Jazeera said that an employee working with the news agency lost 19 family members, including his father and two sisters when Israel bombed the Jabalia refugee camp. The refugee camp was home to over 116,000 Palestinian refugees. “Al Jazeera vehemently condemns the heinous and indiscriminate Israeli bombing that has resulted in the killing of 19 family members of dedicated SNG engineer, Mohamed Abu Al-Qumsan.

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Joe Biden-XI Jinping

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Joe Biden Looking Forward To Meet China's Xi Jinping

US President Joe Biden would meet his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the APEC Leadership Summit in San Francisco later this month, the White House has confirmed."The president is looking forward to it. And that, I think should answer your question,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters about the same. Furthermore, India's PM Narendra Modi has also been invited for the APEC Leadership summit.

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United Airlines

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Only White, Young Female Attendants On Flights": Airlines Sued For Discrimination

A recent lawsuit alleges that US-based United Airlines shows a preference for flight attendants with specific features and age groups on charter flights serving professional and college sports teams. Media sources confirmed, two United Airlines flight attendants claim in a lawsuit that they were passed over for the plum assignment because the players prefer a "certain look" of "white, young, thin women who are predominately blond and blue-… read-more

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Gaza Refugee explosion

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Another Explosion Reported In Refugee Camp Of Gaza

In Gaza's October 7 attack, the latest updates were reported. On November 1, Gaza's largest refugee camp was hit by a series of powerful explosions, killing many people. The Israeli military claimed that the airstrikes that caused the explosions killed a Hamas commander. After the explosion of refugee camp, Internet and communications were cut off in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, Egypt strongly denounced Israel's "inhumane targeting of a… read-more

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Paris: Police Opened Fire On Hijab Clad Woman Making Death Threats

Paris police opened fire on a woman who threatened to blow herself up after allegedly making death threats and speaking in support of terrorism. The incident reportedly happened on a train heading into the French capital, when the police fired eight bullets, injuring the woman seriously. The incident has created an anti-terror alert since a fatal stabbing at a school on October 13 blamed on an Islamic extremist.

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