Tootpaset, toothgel ban in flights

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No Mouthwash For Pilots, Crew, Says New Rule Of DGCA

In the latest directive issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), pilots and crew can't use any mouthwash during flights. The directive was issued after being convinced that these products, which have alcoholic content, with some mouthwashes reporting even a higher content than, say, cough syrup and strong beer. This is part of the changes in the procedure for medical examination of aircraft personnel for alcohol consumption.… read-more

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United Airlines

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Only White, Young Female Attendants On Flights": Airlines Sued For Discrimination

A recent lawsuit alleges that US-based United Airlines shows a preference for flight attendants with specific features and age groups on charter flights serving professional and college sports teams. Media sources confirmed, two United Airlines flight attendants claim in a lawsuit that they were passed over for the plum assignment because the players prefer a "certain look" of "white, young, thin women who are predominately blond and blue-… read-more

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Off-duty pilot

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Off Duty Pilot Allegedly Tried Shutting Down Engine Midair

In a shocking incident, an off-duty pilot allegedly tried shutting down the engine in midflight. According to sources, pilot Joseph David Emerson was traveling with Alaska Airlines and was in the cockpit area with other pilots when he made an attempt to stop the San Francisco-bound flight, which was later diverted to Portland, Oregon. David has been detained and charged with 83 counts, including attempted murder.

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Air India

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Air India Plans New Uniforms For Crew By Year End, Sarees To Phase Out

National carrier Air India is reportedly contemplating introducing a more contemporary attire for its female cabin crew. For the last six decades, flight attendants have donned sarees, however, that is likely to change soon as the company gears up to introduce new uniforms in November, confirmed a media source. Furthermore, famous industry designer Manish Malhotra has been tasked to design the new uniforms for the crew, phasing sarees.

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IndiGo flight

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IndiGo Passenger Gropes Female Co Passenger, Arrested

An FIR has been registered against a man accused of groping a female passenger on board a Mumbai-Guwahati IndiGo flight, an airline spokesperson said. According to the spokesperson, the incident occurred on board flight 6E 5319 on September 10, and the accused was handed over to Assam Police after the plane landed in Guwahati following a complaint for alleged sexual harassment filed by the victim.

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IndiGo Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Technical Glitch, 2nd Incident

An IndiGo plane from Varanasi made an emergency landing at the Delhi airport on August 22, evening due to a hydraulic issue. The source said there were more than 160 passengers onboard flight 6E-2232 en route to Delhi. Recently, this is the second airline, which has made such an emergency landing. A Mumbai-Ranchi IndiGo flight was diverted to Nagpur after a medical emergency onboard.

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Go First

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Go First Extends Operation Suspension Till July 10

Go the First airline hit another crisis, as the officials announced to extend the flight operations suspension till July 10. The decision was taken in view of a lack of operation services. The fleet of the cash-strapped carrier has been grounded since May 3. The airline operator filed for voluntary bankruptcy in early May before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), alleging delays on the part of a US-based engine.

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Go First

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Go First Extended Flight Cancellation Till May 31

In an official statement, airline Go First announced that its flight operations will remain cancelled till May 30. The tweet shared also mentioned that passengers would get a full refund.  "We regret to inform you that due to operational reasons, Go First flights scheduled till May 30, 2023, have been cancelled," said the airline. This is the second time that Go First extended the cancellation of operations.

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Akasa Airline

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Akasa Airlines Ditches Traditional Wear, Crew Wears Sneakers

Taking a step towards evolution, Alaska Airlines, released their female staff from wearing tight skirts, high heels and make-up.  The airlines replaced the tip-top outfit with sneakers, trousers and t-shirts. The move is winning the hearts of netizens, who appreciated the efforts of the airlines. A passenger shared the picture saying, "I recently took a flight from Akasa Air and was surprised but really happy to see a well-deserved change

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Vistara flight

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Delhi Bound Vistara Flight Go Around, Scares Passenger

A Delhi-bound Vistara flight on March 14, noon made a go-around scaring passengers. The flight UK 836 which departed from Chennai. Getting into details, Sandeep Amar, a passenger who was on the flight said the flight aborted landing after the flight descended closer to the ground. Amar said, "Everyone was shocked and scared as we came as close as 20-30 meters to the ground and then the flight ascended back-right-up."

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