Asteroid and Earth

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Massive Asteroid Will Make A Close Approach To Earth: NASA

According to space scientists, a massive asteroid is coming toward Earth. The giant space rock Asteroid 388945 (2008 TZ3) will make a close approach to our planet at 2.48 a.m. on May 16, as per National Aeronautics and Space Administration. According to space scientists' projections, it will pass us at a distance of 2.5 million miles away. It dwarfs the Statue of Liberty and is larger than the Eiffel Tower.

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Asteroid Bennu

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Asteroid Likely To Hit Earth; Details Revealed By NASA

Scientists from NASA stated that an asteroid named Bennu is likely to hit the Earth by 2135. Reportedly, the asteroid will be within 125,000 miles of the Earth, which is half the distance between Earth and Moon. “The area of devastation is going to be much, much broader than that, as much as 100 times the size of the crater,” said Lindley Johnson,  a planetary defense officer at Nasa.

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Asteroid approaching towards Earth

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Huge Asteroid To Pass Through Earth At Close Distance

A four-football field-sized asteroid at a speed of 29,000 Km/hr will pass through Earth at a very closer distance at 11:21 pm (IST) on July 25. The asteroid has been named ''2008 GO20'' and has a width of 97 meters and a length of 230 meters. However, according to the Deputy Director of Pathani Samanta Planetarium in Odisha, it will not collide with Earth and will revisit in 2034.

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Mini Truck-Sized Asteroid '2021 GW4' Close Past Earth On April 12

A small truck-sized asteroid named '2021 GW4' close past the Earth on April 12. Travelling at a speed of 30,104 Km/h, the space rock passed from a distance of 26,200 Km from Earth. Besides, being at an altitude of 35,786 Km, the rock was within the ring of the artificial satellites orbit. The asteroid was discovered on April 8 using the Arizona’s Mt Lemmon-based 'Catalina Sky Survey'. 

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Large Asteroid To Pass By Earth On March 21

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Largest Asteroid Of 2021 Set To Fly Close To Earth On March 21

NASA has revealed that Asteroid 2001 FO32 with a diameter of 3000 feet will pass by Earth on March 21, giving astronomers a chance to get a rare close look at it. NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies Director Paul Chodas said the asteroid would not get any closer to Earth than 1.25 million miles but still can be labeled as "potentially hazardous". The asteroid will be brightest while moving through southern skies, Paul added. 

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Asteroid and Earth

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Largest, Potentially Hazardous Asteroid To Fly Past Earth On March 21

The NASA has revealed that the largest asteroid to fly past the Earth in 2021 will come closest (within a distance of 1.3 million miles) on March 21. Named '2001 FO32', the asteroid is a massive rock classified as a near-Earth object (NEO) orbiting the Sun in proximity to the Earth. The NASA has classified 2,100 NEOs as potentially dangerous. Hazardous NEOs orbit within 4.6-million-miles distance from the earth, having a diameter of over 460-… read-more

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Sample From Asteroid Collected By Hayabusa

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Japan Becomes First Country To Bring Asteroid Samples From Space

Japanese Hayabusa-2 mission has landed in Australia's Woomera on December 6 with first rock samples collected from an asteroid. The 2014-launched mission by Japanese Space Agency JAXA gathered samples in July 2019 by blasting a half-mile-wide asteroid Ryugu, which orbits 211 million kilometres away from the sun. While Japan became the first nation to collect samples from space, NASA has collected samples that will be brought to earth by 2023… read-more

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Representational photo: Asteroid Apophis

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Recent Calculations Suggest 'Apophis' asteroid 2068 Collision Theory Alive

Asteroid 'Apophis' has started worrying scientists again, after new analysis show its deflecting orbit.  Astronomers say, 'Yarkovsky acceleration', a path changing effect, unconsidered earlier, is heating the asteroid unevenly by the Sun, creating a drift of 170 metres each year. With 1 in 150,000 impact probability, new considerations have increased collision threat by 'Apophis' in 2068. Astronomer David Tholen said the ‘2068 impact scenario… read-more

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Asteroid 16 Psyche

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NASA: Hubble Observes '16 Psyche' Asteroid Worth $10,000 Quadrillion

The Hubble Telescope has been scanning the asteroid 'Psyche', a protoplanet that has 90% metallic composition with 10% silicate rock. While examining 'Psyche' under UV light, the researchers found it has high-iron presence making it worth almost $10,000 quadrillion. 'The Psyche spacecraft' is scheduled to launch in August 2022 and reach the asteroid in 2026 with a goal to lean more about Psyche's core and compare it with Earth.

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