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NASA's Artemis I Space Mission: Snoopy To Return To Space As Crew Member

Snoopy from Peanuts comic strip is ready for a "space return." Snoopy will be a member of the "crew" on Artemis I, unmanned test trip for NASA's Artemis program, which aims to return people to Moon in 2022. Snoopy was pictured in an orange flight suit, gloves, boots, and a NASA patch, getting ready for his second trip to orbit after catching a ride on the space shuttle Columbia in 1990.

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Jeff Bezos is set to travel in space with the world's Youngest & Oldest Astronauts.

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Jeff Bezos To Fly With World's Youngest Astronaut To Space

Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is set to travel to space in his Blue Origin rocket on July 20 with the youngest and the oldest astronauts along with his brother Mark Bezos. Reportedly, 18-year-old Netherland Citizen Oliver Daemen will be the youngest person in the world to travel to space, whereas 82-year-old American pilot Wally Funk will be the oldest person in history to go in space.

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The European Space Agency hopes to launch it's first physically disabled astronaut.

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European Space Agency To Hire First-Ever Physically Disabled Astronaut

The world's first physically disabled astronaut hopes to make its debut through the European Space Agency. According to the agency's head, Josef Aschbacher in the recent recruitment process, over 22,000 applications were received out of which a several hundreds belonged to para-astronauts who are physically challenged. Furthermore, the head added, “But I’m also happy for ESA because it shows that space is for everyone” and not just for the… read-more

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Representational photo/ Crew Dragon

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NASA, SpaceX Join Hands To Launch Second-Round Space Journey

NASA and SpaceX have officially joined hands and is preparing to send another fleet of astronauts to the International Space Station. The spacecraft along with the Falcon 9 rocket, scheduled to launch on April 22 from the historic pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Craft centre in Florida, carrying 65 crew members on board. Reportedly, the astronauts will spend six-… read-more

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Nora al-Matrooshi

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UAE's Nora al-Matrooshi Selected As 1st Arab Woman For Astronaut Training

UAE’s Nora al-Matrooshi created history as being the first Arab woman to be selected for astronaut training in NASA. The 27-year-old, a mechanical engineering student will soon join NASA's 2021 Astronaut Candidate Class in US. Based on the practical, physical, psychological & scientific abilities, Matrooshi was selected among 4,300 candidates. Notably, expanding its space sector, the UAE government in 2017 had launched a National Space… read-more

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Representational photo: Raja Chari

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NASA Picks Indian-American Astronaut For 2024 Lunar Mission

An Indian-American astronaut Raja Chari has been selected in NASA's 18-member lunar mission team of astronauts. The US Air Force Colonel Chari, whose father immigrated from Hyderabad,  had joined the Astronaut corps in 2017. Named as ‘Artemis Team’ the members were introduced by the vice-president Mike Pence during National Space Council meeting. NASA said this team will include the first woman and next man to walk on moon’s surface by 2024… read-more

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Astronaut Kate Rubins showing radish crops in the ISS

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In A First, NASA Grows Radish Crop On International Space Station

In an attempt to understand plant growth in microgravity, NASA astronauts have cultivated first-ever radish crops aboard the International Space Station. Astronaut Kate Rubins harvested the radishes grown in 'Advanced Plant Habitat' chamber that is capable of regulating fertilizer supply along with water, oxygen and nutrients to plant roots. Scientists chose radish as they have better understanding about it. The lab-grown vegetables will be… read-more

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Representational photo: Earth as seen from the ISS.

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Astronaut's First Video Of Earth From Space Garners Million Views

Astronaut Victor Glover, now a resident of the International Space Station (ISS), shared his first video from space, via Twitter on November 25. Shot through the window of rocket 'Dragon Resilience', the video of the Earth has been viewed more than 1.7 million times on Twitter. "The scale of detail and sensory inputs made this a breathtaking perspective!" Glover wrote for the video. Many Twitter users thanked Glover for sharing the video.

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