Uravu craftsmen making bamboo products

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Thrikkaipetta - Heritage Village Of Bamboo: Here's What You Need To Know

Thrikkaipetta, also identified as "Heritage Village of Bamboo," previously faced catastrophic agrarian-crisis, which resulted in farmer suicides. However, things began to change in 1996, when Sivarajan T and his wife Sreelatha established Uravu Indigenous Science and Technology Study Centre to help farmers through bamboo plantings, by making baskets to build houses out of bamboo. People come from all over India and the world to shop for… read-more

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Bamboo Products

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Bamboo Items From Dewas District Being Sold Globally: Madhya Pradesh

"One District-One Product" scheme has chosen bamboo manufacturing in Madhya Pradesh's Dewas district. Bamboo-based products are now available not just in Dewas, but also throughout the country and internationally. Bamboo goods reportedly provide employment for the locals, and establish an identity to the neighborhood. Debu Katanga bamboo is used to make items like furniture for living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, kitchen products,… read-more

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Water Wheel

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Odisha Farmer Makes Irrigation Wheel Using Waste Materials

In an unique initiative, an Odisha-based farmer sustains his farming using a waterwheel made out of rejected plastic bottles, bamboo, and iron rods. Interestingly, created using 40 wooden blades, the 10 ft.-high waterwheel works without a power supply. The 35-year-old farmer, Mahur Tipiria, is a class-2 pass-out and owns three acres of land in Sukruli block of Odisha. Reportedly, Mahur will be facilitated on Republic Day (January 26).

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