Sudhakar Singh

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Bihar’s Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh Resigns From Post

Bihar’s agriculture minister Sudhakar Singh has resigned from his office on October 2. He had recently questioned his own government policies and also questioned the agriculture road maps. Singh had also spoken raised his voice against the corruption issue in his department. He had also stated that he will not rest until the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee Act and the “Mandi” system are restored, which were scrapped off in 2006.

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IAS in Controversy

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IAS Officer Angrily Asks Schoolgirl ‘Want Condom Too?’ Over Her Query On Sanitary Pads

A female IAS officer has been attracting controversy for verbally attacking a schoolgirl who had a query on the prices of sanitary pads. In a program run by Bihar government,  schoolgirl asked an IAS officer if the government can provide sanitary pads at lower price. Annoyed IAS Officer replied, “you will eventually hope that the government will give you condoms for family planning?”.

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Lalu Prasad Yadav

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Lalu Prasad Yadav Elected As Unopposed RJD Party Chief For Record 12th Time: Bihar

Former Bihar CM and founder of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) Lalu Prasad Yadav has been elected as the party president for the record 12th time, on September 28. Notably, Lalu who filed the nomination papers, was the only one to do so, and hence was elected unopposed as the party chief. Furthermore, a formal announcement about the same will be made on October 10.

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Vijay Sinha

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Bihar’s Opposition Leader Vijay Sinha To Hold ‘Janta Darbar’ Every Tuesday

Vijay Sinha, the opposition leader of Bihar’s legislative assembly, is scheduled to hold “Janta Darbar”, on all Tuesdays in the Patna party office. The BJP leader said that the first edition of “Janta Darbar” will be on September 17. It will be conducted as “Jan Kalyan Samvad”, and will highlight the problems of citizens. Reportedly, the idea is to take the problems of a conman man to the administration.

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Train Tracks

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Goods Train Derails At DDU-Gaya Route: Uttar Pradesh

In the rail route of Deen Dayal Upadhyay junction to Gaya junction, twenty coaches of a goods train derailed on September 21. The incident occurred in Bihar’s Rohatas, at around 6:30 am near the Kumau station. Further details on the matter are awaited. Earlier on September 12, derailed in Odisha, however no causalities were reported from that incident.

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Danapur Boat Capsize

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Boat Carrying 55 Passengers Capsized In Bihar’s Danapur

In Bihar’s Danapur, a boat carrying 55 passengers capsized in the Ganga river, near Shahpur police station area, on September 4. Reportedly, all the passengers hailed from Patna’s Danapur area. Of the 55 passengers, 10 persons have gone missing following the incident. As per sources, the passengers were all labourers, who were returning from work. Further details on the matter are awaited.

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Banke Bihari Temple

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Overcrowded Mathura’s Banke Bihari Temple Causes Suffocation; 2 Dead, Six Injured

During Janmashtami celebrations on August 19, two people died of suffocation and six others were left injured after Banke Bihari temple in Mathura got overcrowded. The incident occurred during Mangla Arti, when two people died of suffocation, and another devotee fainted near the exit gate causing a disruption in the crowd movement. The deceased have been identified as Nirmala Devi and Ram Prasad Vishwakarma.

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Vegetable Vendor’s Daughter Shot In Neck: Bihar

In Patna’s Sipara, the daughter of a vegetable vendor has allegedly been shot in the neck over a love affair. The incident occurred in the Indrapuri area under the limits of Beur police station, on August 17. Reportedly, the girl is currently undergoing treatment in a private hospital. Further details on the matter are awaited.

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Former Bihar Minister Subhash Singh

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Former Bihar Minister, BJP Leader Subhash Singh Dies

Subhash Singh, former Bihar minister and BJP politician, died on August 16 at AIIMS Delhi. Former Bihar Minister Tarkishore Prasad confirmed the news in a tweet, "May God give peace to his soul and strength to his bereaved family members to bear this loss. His death is an irreparable loss to the politics of Bihar and the BJP."… read-more

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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Announces 10 Lakh New Job Opportunities

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced plans for an extra 10 lakh jobs for the state's youth on August 15. This is in addition to the prior pledge made by his deputy Tejashvi Yadav and indicates the total employment chances produced might potentially be greater. "If we succeed, we want to take the figure to 20 lakhs," he added.

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