Amit Shah

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Amit Shah Tables 3 Bill In Monsoon Parliament Session

Union home minister Amit Shah on Friday tabled bills to replace the British-era Indian Penal Code (IPC), the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), and the Indian Evidence Act and to provide for capital punishment for mob lynching, sexual assaults on minors, 20-year imprisonment for gang rape besides repeal of sedition offence. Furthermore, the bills would be sent to the panel for further scrutiny.

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Afghan refugees

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US Lawmakers Introduce Legislation To Grant Afghan Refugees Citizenship

Following the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan, Afghan refugees have been residing in the United States without permanent legal status, on August 9, American senators submitted legislation to grant them citizenship. If both houses pass the Afghan Adjustment Act, it will remove uncertainty for Afghan evacuees. The law allows anybody who was deported to the United States to apply for legal permanent residency after one or two years in the… read-more

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Pride Flag

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US House Of Representatives Endorses Bill To Safeguard Same-Sex Marriages

US House of Representatives approved a bill to guarantee marriage equality on July 19 amid concerns that the Supreme Court would reverse its recognition of same-sex marriage. The Respect for Marriage Act was approved by a vote of 267 to 157, with 47 Republicans joining all Democrats in support. The bill will now be sent to the Senate for consideration, where it faces uncertain prospects in the equally split body.

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Parliament Session

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Monsoon Parliament Session: List Of Bills To Be Introduced In Ongoing Proceedings

The Monsoon Parliament Session started on July 18, and is scheduled to propose a bunch of bills, which would be discussed for approval. Some of the highlighted bills are, Coffee (development) and promotion bill, Development of Enterprises and Services Hubs Bill, Competition (Amendment) Bill, Old Grant (Regulation) Bill,  The Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill, Family Courts (Amendment) Bill. The… read-more

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LGBTQ+ Community Flag

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Conversion Therapy Banned For Minors In Greece

Greece outlawed conversion therapy for children on May 11, treatment that aims to suppress a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. Psychologists and other health professionals must obtain consent before performing such treatment, according to the bill, approved by Greece's parliament. Those who break the law face penalties and prison sentence. Greece also intends to prohibit procedures on intersex babies and those with atypical… read-more

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Dam Safety Bill

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Dam Safety Bill 2019 Listed For Consideration, Passing In Rajya Sabha

The Dam Safety Bill 2019 was listed for consideration and passing in Rajya Sabha on November 29. The bill aims to provide operation, maintenance and safety of the dams to prevent dam failure. Notably, the bill was previously passed by Lok Sabha. Furthermore, issues like farm laws, price rise and Pegasus will be discussed on the first day of Winter Session of Parliament. 

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Joe Biden

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US House Of Representatives Approve $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

The US House of Representatives, with a 228-206 vote, approved a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. The bill now has to be signed into law by US President Joe Biden. Reportedly, the infrastructure bill will be used in the funding of the infrastructure projects such as building bridges, roads, water infrastructure, and expanding internet access in the US.

Sat, 06 Nov 2021 - 01:16 PM / by Nehal Surana

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Monsoon session

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Monsoon Session Sees 2nd Highest Count Of Bills Passed Since 2014

The recently concluded monsoon session passed the second-highest number of bills since 2014 despite having excessive disturbance and disruption caused throughout. Reportedly, a total of 1.1 bills per day were passed in 17 days despite many hours lost on the opposition's protests. Among the 19 bills were Taxation Laws Bill, Tribunals Reform Bill, and more. Reportedly, the 2020 monsoon session has seen the highest bill count since 2014.

Thu, 12 Aug 2021 - 10:49 AM / by Aditi Chavan

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Centre Likely To Table 23 Bills In Upcoming Parliament Session

The Centre will likely table 23 bills, in the upcoming monsoon session scheduled to commence on July 19. A mix of the existing and new bills are expected to be introduced. Out of the 23 bills, the DNA Technology Bill, The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Bill 2021, and The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens (Amendment) Bill, 2019 will be introduced.

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Arvind Kejriwal

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Will Provide 300 Units Free Electricity To Goa: Arvind Kejriwal

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor and Delhi's CM Arvind Kejriwal promised to provide 300 units of free electricity to the people of Goa 'free of cost', on July 14. During the press conference in Panaji, Kejriwal said, ''With the implementation of this scheme, 87% of Goa will start getting zero electricity bills. All old bills will also be waived off.'' Earlier, Kejriwal had also made similar promises to Uttarakhand and Punjab.

Wed, 14 Jul 2021 - 05:47 PM / by Brijesh Goswami

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