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Covid-19 Vaccine Provides Antibodies To Lactating Mothers; Helps Infants To Fight Illness

The study by the University of Florida suggested that breast milk of lactating moms who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 have antibodies that help protect nursing children against sickness. The immunity of children is underdeveloped during the nursing period. However, lactating mothers provide infants with “passive immunity.” The study suggested that “vaccines can help both mom and baby” thus is a “compelling reason for pregnant or… read-more

Sun, 29 Aug 2021 - 08:56 PM / by Vidhi Jhunjhunwala

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Lactating Mothers Come To Rescue Baby Separated From COVID+ Mom

When Pragathi Badarinath tested positive for COVID-19, a group of lactating mothers in Bengaluru came to her rescue by donating their breast milk to her eight-month-old son. The free service continued for at least 9 days till Pragathi was discharged from the hospital. Founder of mothers' support group Snugbub, Prachi Pendurkar, said, "We decided on a centralised collection at one woman's house close to Ms Badrinath's house."

Mon, 03 May 2021 - 02:13 PM / by Ronit John

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