Chinese manned mission to space

Photo: CNBC

China Is Ready To Send It's First Manned Mission In Space

China is again set to launch the manned mission via 'Shenzhou-12' to space on June 17. However, this will be the third of 11 missions needed to complete China's space station by 2022. Astronaut Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo will be spending three months in the space & test technologies required for further development. Reportedly, China looks forward to compete with the International Space Station.

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China and NATO flag

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 China Accuses NATO Of Exaggerating "China Threat Theory"  

China accused NATO for exaggerating the China Threat Theory. In a statement China urged upon NATO to view China's development rationally, stop various forms of exaggeration of 'China threat theory' and not to use its legitimate interests and legal rights for manipulating group politics to create artificial confrontations. The statement came after China was criticised on human rights violations in Hong Kong and Xinjiang in G7 summit.

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Leaders of the G7 summit questioned China's human rights violations and received a hostile response.

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China Accuses G7 Of 'Political Manipulation' Following Xinjiang Criticism

China accused the G7 of "political manipulation" on June 14 after the leaders of the group questioned Beijing's human rights record in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. The Chinese Embassy in UK reacted angrily to these questions and claimed that the leaders were "interfering" in internal matters. Currently, Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region are undergoing ethnic cleansing in an attempt by China to root out Islamic Extremism.

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Drone medicine delivery.

Photo: The Straits Times

Drones To Monitor Lockdown In China, Restrictions Escalated

In an attempt to monitor lockdown instructions, China government has deployed 60 police-run drones in the southern part of Guangzhou city. The drones are equipped with cameras and broadcasts messages to people requesting them to stay back at their homes. However, the number of COVID cases in the city has crossed 100, making it a concern for authorities. Moreover, several restrictions have been raised including ban on travel.

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Chinese Researchers Find 24 Coronavirus Genomes From Different Bat Species

Chinese researchers from Shandong University found twenty-four novel coronavirus genomes, one of which is genetically second-closest to the COVID-19 virus. The research was conducted as a response to WHO and various other countries demanding a probe in the virus's origin, and to find out how many types of Coronaviruses exist that are capable of infecting human beings. Reportedly the samples were collected from bats which live in the local… read-more

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China's President Xi JinPing

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'Small Groups' Do Not Decide The Fate Of The world Anymore, Says China To G7 Leaders

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chaired seven discussions against China in the G7 summit, urging leaders to develop a coherent response to the challenges posed by China. Following which Beijing has forewarned the leaders that "small" groups don't decide the world's fate anymore. China's spokesperson added that they believe all countries are equals, and world affairs should be handled through everyone's consultation.

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Joe Biden with other leaders at Cornwall

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Alliance Against China To Be On Biden's G7 Summit Priority

U.S President Joe Biden will appeal to the western countries on the second day of the G7 summit, to form an alliance against China due to its rising influence. Biden wishes to counter Beijing's expenditure on infrastructure in developing countries. The allies are accusing China of abusing several human rights including forced labour in the Xinjiang province. The G7 leaders will further discuss various measures to avoid another pandemic.

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PLA Soldiers not to be defamed | Law passed

Photo: The Financial Times

Critics Of PLA Troops To Be Punished Under China's New Law

China has implemented a new law which holds criminal offence of those who make statements with an intent to defame the People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers. The law came into being as a result of the National People's Congress Standing Committee proceedings on June 10. According to the new law, people who defame or dishonor and insult or smear the reputation of the members of the armed forces will be held accountable.

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Joe Biden

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US, Russia, China To Converge On COVID-19 Issue In G7 Summit

President Joe Biden's meeting with leaders from Russia and China sees an unlikely ally ship between the three countries against a common deterrent, COVID-19. Scheduled in this week, the meeting will revolve on issues including the new emerging variants of COVID-19, climate change, global supply chains etc. Notably, these meetings are a part of Biden's effort to repair relations with countries and global organizations after Trump’s tumultuous… read-more

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COVAX facility


US, India, China Consumed 60% Of Vaccines Distributed Globally: WHO

Senior advisor to the World Health Organisation, Bruce Aylward, stated that, US, India and China have consumed 60% of the two billion COVID-19 vaccines doses distributed globally. As per sources, only about 0.5% of doses have reached the low-income countries accounting for about 10% of the world's population. However, Aylward highlighted the significant role played by ‘COVAX’ – the global vaccine alliance, to help 127 countries start their… read-more

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