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US Ban Chinese Cotton Imports; Accuses Of Employing Slave Labour

Extending the trade restrictions, the US government has prohibited cotton imports from a Chinese firm accusing it of employing slave labour. Calling 'Made in China' label a warning, US Homeland Security official Ken Cuccinelli has stated that US businesses should not make profits from slave labour and human right abuses. Reportedly, the action targeting cotton trade is being considered a pressurizing tactic on China for its mass-detention of… read-more

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China Imports Indian Rice For The First Time In Last Three Decades

Amid border disputes, China has started to import rice from India after its suppliers Thailand, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Vietnam tightened the imports. Reportedly, China’s traditional suppliers have limited their supplies and have raised the prices to $30 per tonne compared to India. Moreover, India has offered rice at highly discounted prices. Earlier, China has continuously avoided purchasing from India - the world's largest rice exporter -… read-more

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Chinese Spacecraft

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China's Chang’e-5 Successfully Touches Down On Moon

China has successfully retrieved lunar surface samples as the Chang’e-5 spacecraft has touched down on the Moon. Named after the mythical Chinese moon goddess, the spacecraft entered the Moon's orbit after a 112-hour journey from Earth and would collect two kilograms of surface material from a previously unexplored area. The sample will be brought to the Earth in December. China is now mulling over a research mission to Mars.

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Chinese Defence Minister Visits Pakistan To Sign Military Deal

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Chinese Defence Minister Visits Pakistan; Signs Military Deal

To strengthen the existing military co-operation, Chinese Defence Minister General Wei Fenghe and Pakistan Army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa have signed an agreement on December 1. Reportedly, General Wei has visited the headquarters of the Pakistani army and had discussed “matters of mutual interest", which included discussion on regional security, and improving defence partnerships. Pakistan's General Bajwa said, "... our relations will be no… read-more

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Australia-U.S collaborates for missile project.

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Australia To Collaborate With US For Developing Hypersonic Missile Project

Australia will soon collaborate with the US to jointly develop hypersonic cruise missiles, informed the Australian Defence Minister Linda Reynolds on December 1. The decision came as Australia eyes to strengthen its military focus from the Pacific to the Indo-Pacific region. Not revealing the project cost and completion, Australia has claimed to have allotted A$9.3 billion for high-speed, long-range missile systems including hypersonic to… read-more

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Brahmaputra River

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China Pushes To Build Dam On Brahmaputra; India Raises Concerns

China is planning to build a dam downstream of the Brahmaputra river in Tibet. The plan, which evoked concerns in India and Bangladesh, will reportedly be executed from next year. Earlier, the Indian government has raised concerns over Chinese activities in the upstream of Brahmaputra river. Yan Zhiyong, chairman of Powerchina, said that the hydroelectric project downstream of Yarlung Zangbo River would "serve to maintain water resources and… read-more

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Chinese Defence Minister visits Nepal to maintain the military cooperation

Photo: The Himalayan Times

Chinese Defence Minister Visits Nepal To Strengthen Military Cooperation

With an aim to strengthen existing military cooperation, China's Defence Minister Gen Wei Fenghe on November 29 visited Nepal. Reportedly, Wei was received at airport by Nepal's Home Minister, and he will meet Nepal's President and PM as well. After President Xi Jinping's two-day visit in October 2019, this is first such high-level Chinese official's visit to Nepal. Wei will also hold deliberations with Nepal's Chief of Army Staff.

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Hong Kong leader is keeping "piles of cash" in house

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I Do Not Have Bank Account Due To US Sanctions: Hong Kong's Carry Lam

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carry Lam, in an interview, said that the US-imposed sanctions against her have forced her to use only cash for all transactions. Lam told she did not have any bank account thanks to the sanctions. Moreover, she also labelled the US' actions as "unjustifiable". Earlier, the US put sanctions on Lam and other Hong Kong officials on account of suppressing free speech and in the city.

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Defence Minster China

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Nepal To Host One-Day Visit of China's Defence Minster Wei Fenghe

Nepal Foreign Ministry confirmed the one day visit of China's Defence Minister Wei Fenghe in Nepal on November 29. The ministry's confirmation comes after the Indian Foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan concluded his two-day visit to Nepal. Fenghe is scheduled to meet the Nepal's PM KP Sharma Oli and the Chief of Army General Purna Chandra Thapa, regarding the ongoing political rift between the parties.

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Chinese Flag

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China Accuses India Of Discriminatory Approach Towards Chinese Apps

Calling the Chinese app ban by the Indian Government a "discriminatory approach", Chinese President Xi Jinping has asked armed forces "to improve their combat capability". While commenting on the ban, China said that both the countries should collaborate efficiently so that the economic relations between the two countries are back "to the right path". Moreover, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson has accused India of violating market… read-more

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