Xi Jinping

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China Flexes Military Power As US Senator Rick Scott Visits Taiwan; Warns Of 'Firm Consequences'

Following American senator Rick Scott's visit to Taiwan, China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) conducted large-scale drills around the island, as a flex of military power. Furthermore, senior Chinese General warned his US counterpart against any "wanton" act, stating that it will be dealt with "firm consequences". Meanwhile, senator Scott is on a three-day visit to Taiwan. He is scheduled to meet Taiwanese president Tsai-Ing-wen. 

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Soldiers posted at a border

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We Will Not Allow China To Help Russia Evade Global Sanctions: Jake Sullivan

According to a US official, Russia has seemed military aid from China while invading Ukraine. The conclusion has put China in a tough spot already, due to two major trading relations with US and European Union. “We will not allow that to go forward,” said White House advisor Jake Sullivan. However, he warned China to avoid helping Russia from the global sanctions, further, which has hammered the Russian economy.

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Arunachal Pradesh Boy Miran Taron

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Chinese Army Informs To Have Found Missing Arunachal Pradesh Boy

Chinese Army informed that they have found Miran Taron, a 17-year-old missing boy from Arunachal Pradesh. On January 23, Harshvardhan Pandey, the Tezpur PRO defence said, "Chinese Army has communicated to us that they have found a missing boy from Arunachal Pradesh." Furthermore, the procedure of Taron's return is underway. Notably, Taron went missing on January, after being allegedly abducted by Chinese troops. 

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The Sino-Indian border

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Chinese Army Assemble At Western Border, Violates Bilateral Agreement: India

China assembled its troops near India's border and attempted to "alter LAC's status quo". India on June 24, called it a deliberate violation of the bilateral agreement. External Affairs Ministry's spokesperson said that the commotion is "disturbing the peace and tranquillity at the borders". The statement came after China claimed that its actions are normal defence arrangements, aimed at "preventing or responding" to "encroachment threats".… read-more

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PLA Soldiers not to be defamed | Law passed

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Critics Of PLA Troops To Be Punished Under China's New Law

China has implemented a new law which holds criminal offence of those who make statements with an intent to defame the People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers. The law came into being as a result of the National People's Congress Standing Committee proceedings on June 10. According to the new law, people who defame or dishonor and insult or smear the reputation of the members of the armed forces will be held accountable.

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Flags of China and Taiwan.

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Taiwan Ready To Fight China Till the End: Taiwan's Foreign Ministry

Taiwan's foreign ministry, on April 7, stated that they'll fight China till the end if they have to; after Taiwan reported multiple military breaches on its Air Defense Identification Zone (AIDZ) by the Chinese forces. Meanwhile, China also stated that their carrier group is exercising near Taiwan, drills to become regular. Taiwan has launched computer-aided war games with China as a part of the military exercise for strategic resistance.

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India-China Conflict

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India-China Standoff: China De-escalates 10,000 Troops From Ladakh

After nine months of Sino-India border stand-off, China has pulled nearly 10,000 soldiers back from the Ladakh region, albeit keeping the frontline military deployment at the border unchanged. Reportedly, while the pullback happened in over a week citing extreme weather conditions, the defence experts have opined that chances of re-deployment cannot be ignored. Meanwhile, both the countries are yet to chalk out a fresh date for the ninth… read-more

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India-China Army

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Ladakh: Indian Army Arrests Chinese Soldier, Provides Medical Assistance

A Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldier was arrested in the Demchok area of Ladakh by the Indian Army on October 19. Reportedly, the PLA soldier was identified as Corporal Wang Ya Long and had lost his way to Indian territories. He was provided with medical and other basic requirements. He will be returned through the Chushul Moldo meeting point after completing the military procedure.

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Construction at Nepal-China Border

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China Constructs Nine Buildings Near the Nepal-China Border Area

The chairman of Nepal's Namkha Municipality, Vishnu Bahadur Lama confirmed that the People's Liberation Army (PLA) was constructing infrastructure at Nepal-China border of Humla district. Lama mentioned that the construction was noticed in August and was reported to authorities. Reportedly, at least nine buildings are built by PLA. Lama also mentioned that he and other villagers were not allowed in the area, and were stopped by PLA soldiers… read-more

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India Demanded Chinese Troops To Pull Back First In Another Round Of Diplomatic Talks

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India-China 6th Round of Diplomatic Talks; India Asks Chinese Troops to Pull Back First

Senior Army leaders from India and China met for the sixth round of diplomatic talks on September 21 where the Indian side demanded the Chinese to pull back its troops first, from Pangong Tso finger areas, Hotsprings and Depsang. India claimed that it was China who first started deploying its army in the said areas. The meeting was held in Moldo where both countries discussed the execution of a five-point agreement with each other.

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