Unemployment in India

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Unemployment Rate Increased By 7.80% In June, With 13 Million Job Loss

India's unemployment rate shot up at 7.80% in June, as the nation recorded 13 million jobs, mainly in the agriculture sector. On July 5, the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) of think-tank centre released the data. Notably, the massive fall in the number of jobs last month was triggered by a higher unemployment rate in rural areas, which is 8.03%, whereas, in urban areas, the rate is at 7.30%.

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Unemployment In India

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India's Unemployment Rate Falls To 6.57%, Lowest Since March 2021: CMIE

According to CMIE, India's unemployment rate witnessed a decline to 6.57 % in January, the lowest since March 2021. The reports were based on survey on 35 million people, looking for work in December 2021. The unemployment rate in urban India stood at 8.16 % in January while, in rural areas, it was the lowest at 5.84 %. Notably, Telangana and Haryana reported the lowest and highest unemployment rate respectively.

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Urban Unemployment Jumps Up To 12%; Highest In 10 Months

A recent survey by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) has indicated that urban unemployment has increased up to 12%. Reportedly, urban unemployment rate clocked 11.72% as of May 9 while, for the week ending April 25, it was 9.55%. CMIE cited state-wise lockdowns for this increase, which is highest in the past 10 months. Moreover, rural unemployment has also surged from 6.37% to 7.29% during the same period.

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Latest Data on New Unemployment Rate is Shocking; 2 Crore Jobs Lost Since April

According to Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), a total of two crore people are estimated to have lost their jobs since the Covid-19 induced lockdown commenced. Around 1.77 crore jobs were lost in the month of April, 40 lakh jobs in May and June combined, and 50 lakh jobs in July. While there has been a recovery in the informal jobs lately, reports state that it has left out healthier, salaried jobs.

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