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Telangana Begins Administering Covid-19 Booster Dose

Amid the rising cases of the Novel Coronavirus, the K Chandrashekar Rao-led Telangana Government started administering the booster dose to its citizens. People who are eligible for the third or precautionary dose could get Hyderabad pharma-manufactured Corbevax as the third dose, at state-run PHC, and Covid centers. The state government arranged 5 lakh doses and urged people to take the booster dose and help in combating the spread of… read-more

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Corbevax To Be Available As Booster Dose On COWIN App, Check Details

Corbevax, a recently authorised heterologous Covid-19 vaccine from the Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical firm Biological E, is slated to be accessible as a booster dosage via the COWIN App in both public and private vaccination centres beginning August 12. Corbevax costs Rs 250 for private COVID-19 immunisation centres, including Goods and Services Tax. The vaccination costs… read-more

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Biological E Johnson & Johnson vaccine

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WHO Authorizes Biological E Limited As Additional Production Facility For Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 Vaccine

US Embassy in India congratulated Biological E. Limited, a Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical, and vaccines firm, on receiving WHOs approval as an additional site for the production of Janssen/Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Recently, Drug Controller General of India authorized the Corbevax vaccine on June 4. Corbevax is a COVID-19 booster dosage for those aged 18 and above, administered six months after an initial immunization (two doses… read-more

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Corbevax, India’s First Heterologous Booster Vaccine For Covid

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Corbevax, India’s First Heterologous Booster Vaccine For Covid, Approved By DCGI

The Covid-19 vaccine Corbevax, manufactured by BiologicalE in Hyderabad, is the first to be licensed as a heterologous booster in adults by Drugs Controller General of India. Individuals who had Covishield/Covaxin for their first two doses can get Corbevax as their third. Following the booster dosage of Corbevax, neutralizing antibodies against Omicron variation were identified in 91% of individuals who had received Covishield and in 75% who… read-more

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DCGI Approves vaccine for children

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DCGI Approves Covaxin For Children Between 6-12 Year Old, Corbevax For EUA

The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) approved the two vaccines Covaxin and Corbevax for children under 12 in India, against COVID-19. While Bharat Biotech's Covaxin has been approved for 6 to12-year-old, Biological E's Corbevax will be used as Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for 5 to12-year-old kids in India. The approval was based on the Subject Expert Committee's recommendation report, which was prepared as per trials of the… read-more

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SEC Recommends Corbevax COVID-19 Vaccine For 5-12 Year Old

The Subject Expert Committee (SEC) or the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) recommended the Corbevax COVID-19 vaccine for children between the 5 to 12-year-old age group. On April 21, the government panel said the vaccine is effective in children and has been recommended after trials. Furthermore, the final approval for the emergency use authorization (EUA) of  Corbevax would be given by the DCGI soon.

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Children Vaccination Drive

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COVID Vaccination Drive For Children Aged 12-14 Begins; Co-Morbidity Clause Removed

Children aged 12-14 years can now get their vaccine shots, starting from March 16. Corbevax vaccine manufactured by Hyderabad based Biological E, will be administered to children in the said age group. Also, everyone above 60 years of age are now eligible for a precautionary dose, starting from March 16. Initially, only those with pre-existing co-morbidities were eligible for the precautionary shot. 

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Corbevax vaccine

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Centre Releases Covid Vaccination Guidelines For 12-14 Years-Of-Age

The Centre, on March 15, released guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination for children between the age of 12-14 years. Besides, the vaccination drive will begin from March 16, and the only Corbevax vaccine would be used. However, an official informed, the precautionary dose should be the same vaccine as primary vaccination was done. Notably, beneficiaries between 14-15 years, were already covered during the vaccination drive for 15-18 years-age… read-more

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COVID-19 vaccines

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Central Govt Clears 2 New COVID-19 Vaccine For Emergency Use

Central Government cleared two more vaccine against COVID-19, for emergency use, on December 28. The decision taken during a high-level meeting was welcomed by manufacturers of the two vaccines; CORBEVAX and COVOVAX and an antiviral drug. Notably, CORBEVAX, manufactured by Biological E. Limited passed two Phase III clinical trials on over 3,000 subjects of 18-80 year-old. The company is to begin 100+ million doses from February 2022.

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India Soon To Get Its Cheapest COVID Vaccine At Rs 500 For Both Doses

India is likely to get its most affordable COVID-19 vaccine 'Corbevax', which will reportedly be available at Rs 500 for both the doses. Currently in the third phase of trials, the vaccine is being manufactured by Biological E and has been pre-ordered by the Centre as it showed convincing results in the previous trials. The company is expected to secure an emergency-use approval for 'Corbevax' in the coming months.

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