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Despite Pandemic Ends Flying Is Expensive For People

Despite the end of the pandemic, flying and aviation are expensive for tourists and travelers. Here are some of the major reason behind the expensive flights, even after the aviation industry is back in business with full fledge. Notably, during the pandemic, to reduce the maintenance expense, the aviation industry, sold off some planes and laid off a bunch of staff, resulting in lack of resource.

Thu, 27 Apr 2023 - 02:52 PM / by Varsha Joshi

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Dr. V P Joy

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Kerala Govt Mandates Wearing Masks, Announces Punishment For Violators: COVID-19

Kerala government has made it compulsory to wear masks in public places, workplaces, during transport, and other gatherings. Chief Secretary Dr. V P Joy said on April 27, in exercise of the powers conferred under section 20(3) of the Disaster Management Act 2005, wearing masks will be made mandatory in the state. The daily positivity rate in India has increased by 0.3% in 24 hours, reported ANI.

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Shanghai Authorities Erects Barriers Outside Streets To Restrict Movement

In another extreme step, the local Shanghai authorities have now erected barriers outside streets and apartments in the city to restrict movement. The city has recently been under a strict lockdown amid a spike in Covid cases. A few days ago, a video of locked-down Shanghai residents had gone viral on social media. In the clip, the helpless residents shouting from their balconies, had gone viral on the internet.

Sun, 24 Apr 2022 - 07:35 PM / by Varun Das

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FDA Approves First Ever Covid-19 Breath Test

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted EUA to the first-ever Covid-19 breath test. The InspectIR Covid-19 Breathalyzer can produce results in less than three minutes. The device can separate and identify chemical mixtures, and detect five compounds associated with Sars-CoV2 infection in the exhaled breath of a person. The diagnostic test has more than 90% accuracy in identifying both positive and negative samples.

Sat, 16 Apr 2022 - 08:00 PM / by Varun Das

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COVID-19 sample collection

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India Logs 30,757 New Covid-19 Cases With 541 Deaths

India reports 30,757 new cases of COVID-19 on February 17, 67,538 recoveries, and 541 deaths in the last 24, said the Union Health Ministry. While the active caseload in India is at 3,32,918. Notably, the current recovery rate in the country stands at 98.03%. However, on February 16, Delhi reported 766 Covid-19 cases and five deaths. Moreover, as of now, India has administered 174.24 crore vaccine doses to people.

Thu, 17 Feb 2022 - 09:47 AM / by Madhvi Jha

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COVID-19 Cases In India

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India Reports 27,409 Fresh COVID Cases, 347 Deaths In Last 24 Hours

India reports 27,409 new cases of COVID-19 on February 15, 82,817 recoveries, and 347 deaths in the last 24 hours, which is 19.7% lower than February 14. While the active caseload in India is at 4,23,127. Notably, the current recovery rate in the country stands at 97.82%. However, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Mizoram registered the maximum cases. Moreover, as of now, India has administered 173.42 crore vaccine doses to people.


Tue, 15 Feb 2022 - 10:30 AM / by Madhvi Jha

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COVID-19 Cases In India

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India Logs 34,113 New Covid-19 Cases With 346 Deaths

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, on February 14, confirmed 34,113 new COVID-19 cases in India. Besides, 91,930 recoveries, and 346 deaths were also reported in 24 hours. While the active caseload in India is at 4,78,882. Notably, the current recovery rate in the country stands at 97.68% and the daily positivity rate at 3.19%. Moreover, as of now, India has administered 172.95 crore vaccine doses to people. 

Mon, 14 Feb 2022 - 10:02 AM / by Madhvi Jha

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Lion Dance

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Cambodian Lion Dancers Continue Craft Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Amid the pandemic, Cambodian lion dancers are all set to perform at Lunar New Year Ceremony. All the income sources have dried up during the pandemic, with the number of performances bottoming out to about once a month instead of five, said a performer. The Cambodian Chinese Association estimates there are eight troupes, but the number may shrink. Notably, Sino-Khmers have long been an integral part of the Cambodian society.

Wed, 02 Feb 2022 - 08:15 PM / by Shaloo Priya

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WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus 

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COVID-19 Pandemic Can End In 2022: WHO Chief Tedros

The Director-General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the COVID-19 pandemic can end in 2022 if the International community takes all comprehensive measures. During the opening of the 150th session of the WHO Executive Board on January 24, Tedros said, "The WHO continues to work nationally, regionally, and globally". He added that we should learn lessons from the pandemic and develop solutions for future emergencies. 

Mon, 24 Jan 2022 - 07:34 PM / by Madhvi Jha

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Omicron & Coronavirus


IIT Professor Analyses COVID-19 & Omicron; Says, Cases Will Peak By Next Week

Manindra Agarwal, an IIT professor, shared his analysis of spread of COVID-19 and its variant, Omicron in 2022. He said, the virus, which is possibly is in its third wave, is expected to peak in major states like Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala by next week. He also listed reasons for the massive surge, which could be less immune population and casual attitude towards pandemic. 

Wed, 19 Jan 2022 - 09:00 AM / by Varsha Joshi

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