11-Month Delay Between Covishield Vaccine Results In Higher Antibody Levels: Study

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44-45 Weeks Delayed COVID Shot Response Better Against Virus, Says Researchers

According to research, the COVID antibodies response is better when there is an interval of 44-45 weeks between the first and second doses of Oxford-Covishield-Vaccine. “The encouraging results support a strategy of delayed second dosing because antibody titres (concentration) were substantially higher after the second dose among individuals with almost a year between doses than among individuals who had an 8–12 week interval," says the… read-more

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Lactating Mothers

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Covid-19 Vaccine Provides Antibodies To Lactating Mothers; Helps Infants To Fight Illness

The study by the University of Florida suggested that breast milk of lactating moms who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 have antibodies that help protect nursing children against sickness. The immunity of children is underdeveloped during the nursing period. However, lactating mothers provide infants with “passive immunity.” The study suggested that “vaccines can help both mom and baby” thus is a “compelling reason for pregnant or… read-more

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Researches Discover Antibody Against Variants Of SARS-CoV-2

An antivirus that is thoroughly protective against different variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been discovered by the researchers. The study named "Immunity" can help formulate new antibody-based therapies that might lose their effectiveness with the mutation of the virus. "Current antibodies may work against some but not all variants," said Michael S Diamond, the senior author of the study and professor at Washington University School of… read-more

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Sero Survey

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21% Indians Exposed To COVID-19, Medicos Worst Affected: ICMR Survey

The ICMR’s third nationwide serological survey has revealed that over 21% of Indians have contracted COVID-19. Conducted from December 17-January 8, the survey indicated that nearly 80% of the population still remains susceptible to the coronavirus. Moreover, it showed more seroprevalence among doctors and paramedics. Also, women surpassed men in seroprevalence rate. Surveying 28,589 people from 70 districts of 21 states, the survey found the… read-more

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Sero Survey Suggests Over 56% People In Delhi Have COVID Antibodies

The Delhi government's fifth and largest serological survey has revealed that over 56.13% people in the city have developed antibodies against the coronavirus. Speaking about the survey conducted from January 15 to 23, Health Minister Satyendar Jain added that men have lesser antibodies as compared to women. Reportedly, the seroprevalence was recorded highest in Southwest Delhi (62.18%) and lowest in North Delhi (49.09%). Later, Jain also… read-more

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