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Air India Plans New Uniforms For Crew By Year End, Sarees To Phase Out

National carrier Air India is reportedly contemplating introducing a more contemporary attire for its female cabin crew. For the last six decades, flight attendants have donned sarees, however, that is likely to change soon as the company gears up to introduce new uniforms in November, confirmed a media source. Furthermore, famous industry designer Manish Malhotra has been tasked to design the new uniforms for the crew, phasing sarees.

Tue, 26 Sep 2023 - 02:25 PM / by Varsha Joshi

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Air India

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Air India Flights Return Amid Physical Assault Between Passenger-Crew

Another flight mishap was reported after a London-bound flight had to return, amid a fight in the airplane. An Air India flight made an emergency landing at the Delhi Airport after a passenger started causing physical harm to two crew members and showed unruly behavior.  Furthermore, Air India ensured the safety of all passengers and rescheduled a flight to London in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the accused passenger is detained.

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Akasa Airline

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Akasa Airlines Ditches Traditional Wear, Crew Wears Sneakers

Taking a step towards evolution, Alaska Airlines, released their female staff from wearing tight skirts, high heels and make-up.  The airlines replaced the tip-top outfit with sneakers, trousers and t-shirts. The move is winning the hearts of netizens, who appreciated the efforts of the airlines. A passenger shared the picture saying, "I recently took a flight from Akasa Air and was surprised but really happy to see a well-deserved change

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Indigo Airline

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Specially-Abled Child Denied To Board Indigo Flight: DGCA Issues Show Cause Notice

Indigo Airlines employees at the Ranchi airport refused to let a specially-abled child and his parents board a plane on May 7. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered an investigation and requested that the airline produce a report. DGCA investigation discovered that IndiGo employees mishandled passengers, leading to several regulatory violations. The decision made was to send a show-cause notice to the relevant airline via… read-more

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Indigo flight's tyre bursts during landing in Hubli, Karnataka

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Indigo Airplane's Tyre Bursts While Landing In Karnataka

Indigo aircraft's tyre busted during its arrival at Hubli in Karnataka. Indigo spokesperson stated, "All passengers and crew are safe. The aircraft is currently undergoing maintenance checks at Hubli". The Indigo ATR was scheduled to land at 08:00 PM, but after suspecting tyre burst, plane landed at 08:34 PM after informing the local air traffic. The airport director of Hubli, Pramod Kumar Thakur, declared the safe deboard of passengers.

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