Cuban Crocs

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Cuban Crocodile In Verge Of Extinction; Researchers Battle To Save Rare Species

Researchers in Cuba are battling to save the critically endangered and endemic Cuban crocodile species, which is on the “edge of extinction”. Reportedly, this medium-sized crocodiles can be found palm-speckled Zapata and Isle of Youth. The government of Cuba is tightly controlling the sale of crocodile meat, to protect the species. It is believed that illegal hunting and hybridisation with American crocodiles have resulted in the decline in… read-more

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Cuba Oil Fire

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Lightning Strikes Oil Storage Facility In Cuba; 80 Injured, 17 Missing

A lightning struck at an oil storage facility in Cubas Matanzas city, leaving at least 80 Injured, on August 6. The lightning has caused a massive fire in the facility, due to which, at least 17 firefighters have gone missing. Furthermore, efforts to douse the fire are underway. Reportedly, the government has seeked for expert opinions from other countries with experience in oil sector.

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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez

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Cuba Condemns US Sanctions Against Its Officials: Bruno Rodriguez

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on January 6, has condemned the United States' imposed visa restrictions on eight officials of the island nations. "The US government is persisting in its bad manner to impose its will on other governments via unilateral measures," Rodriguez tweeted. President Joe Biden's administration on January 6, has imposed a visa restriction on Cuba's officials connected to detention, sentencing, and imprisonment… read-more

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Pinar del Rio, Hurricane Ida

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Hurricane Ida: Over 10,000 Evacuated In Cuba's Pinar Del Rio

As per media reports, more than 10,000 people have been evacuated from Pinar del Rio, a province in western Cuba, due to Ida Hurricane. Isla de la Juventud has been struck by the hurricane. The extent of the damage is yet to be determined, and no casualties have been reported. About 10,471 people have been evacuated so far and have been stationed at residential homes and evacuation facilities.

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Cuba Protest

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Thousands Of People Protest Against Communist Govt In Cuba

With the severe shortage of electricity and food as well as the ongoing economic crisis in 30 years, anti-communist government protests erupted across Cuba. On July 11, thousands of Cubans took to roads voicing, “We want liberty” as President Miguel Diaz-Canal asked his supporters to resist demonstrators. Military and police have been stationed after protesters gathered in front of the Capitol building. Reportedly, 10 people were arrested.… read-more

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Cuba Set To Welcome Tourists After A Span Of Seven Months

Caribbean Nation Cuba is ready to welcome tourists and visitors after easing the lockdown which lasted over seven months. Earlier, Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero had informed that 13 provinces of the nation have been permitted to resume tourism. However, Cuban capital Havana has not been provided the approval and will remain closed. PM Marrero further urged the people to follow COVID-19 norms and precautions.

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A general view of UNHRC meeting

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UNHRC Awards Seats To China, Russia And Cuba; Refuses Saudi Arabia

China, Russia and Cuba on October 13 secured places in the UN's Human Rights Council (UNHRC) while Saudi Arabia was denied membership. However, various human rights groups have opposed the countries elected. Reportedly, Saudi's failure to make it to the UNHRC is attributed to state-sponsored abuses and killings of activists including murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Russia's membership was opposed owing to its military… read-more

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Tourism Resumes in Cuba after Months of Lockdown

Cuba has started to welcome travel enthusiasts from all around the world after the nationwide lock-down was lifted in the country. Cuba, along with the many other countries, closed its international travel due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and has now resumed since September 4. The news acted as a ray of hope for the tourism industry in the Cuban Island.

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