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Lithium Likely To Decrease Risk Of Developing Dementia: Study

A Research led by the University of Cambridge has identified a link suggesting that lithium could decrease the risk of developing dementia. In addition, the research was conducted on nearly 30,000 patients who were above 50 years of age. Lithium is known to be a mood stabiliser prescribed for bipolar disorder and depression. Notably, Bipolar disorder and depression are two of the major reasons for dementia.

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Amit Shah-CRPF

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Amit Shah Attends 83rd CRPF Raising Day In Jammu

Home Minister Amit Shah participated in the 83rd Raising Day program of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in Jammu, on March 19. For the first time, CRPF is celebrating its Raising Day in Jammu. “The entire nation is proud of their dedication and valour to keep Jammu and Kashmir safe. The Modi government is committed to the welfare of all the policemen and their families in J-K,” stated Shah.

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Hearing loss-Dementia

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Use Of Hearing Aids Can Prevent Effects Of Dementia, Study Reveals

According to a study, the researchers have claimed that there is an association between hearing loss and dementia. In addition, it has been found that people with hearing loss have faster rates of brain atrophy and a higher risk of cognitive decline. However, the data suggest that eliminating midlife hearing loss would reduce dementia by 9%. Notably, the use of hearing aids can reduce the effects of dementia.

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AI System Likely To Recognise Dementia With Single Brain Scan

With a single brain scan diagnosing dementia can be possible with an AI system that the scientists are testing at present. It would showcase whether dementia will remain stable for years, slowly deteriorate or need immediate treatment. Scientists claim that early diagnosis with the help of their system can improve patients' outcomes. Moreover, the AI's algorithm can read the scans better than expert neurologists.

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Unprocessed meat

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Processed Meat Consumption Increases Risk Of Dementia: Study

In a recent study, scientists from the Leeds University, Nutritional Epidemiology Group have discovered that eating processed meat such as bacon increases the risk of dementia by 44%. However, the unprocessed red meat (pork, veal) was declared protective as people who consumed 50g/day were 19 percent less likely to succumb to dementia.  Reportedly, the researchers used data of 50,000 people to explore a potential relation between consumption… read-more

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First In India: Bangalore To Get State-Run Dementia Care Centre

In what could be considered a unique initiative, Bangalore will get a 100-bed government-run dementia care centre in the Sakalavara NIMHANS campus, which is the first in India. As per reports, apart from the Rural Electrification Corporation and National Stock Exchange, a NIMHANS academician Professor CR Chandrashekhar also contributed Rs 1.09 crore for the facility. Initially starting with 40 beds, the Centre would provide treatment to… read-more

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