Rahul Gandhi V/S PM Modi

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Congress Lashes At Modi, Says You're No God, Just A PM

The political fight between the Congress and the PM Modi-led BJP continues with criticism, sarcastic remarks and comments. Recently, Congress took a dig at PM Narendra Modi, saying, "Since when did the criticism of your policies become the criticism of the country? You are a PM, neither the country nor God nor the creator." The comments were against Modi's remarks against Gandhi's "brutal attack on democracy remark," in UK.

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CJI NV Ramana

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We Are Only Answerable To Constitution, Says CJI NV Ramana

Expressing disappointment over how the role of the judiciary system is being misunderstood, CJI NV Ramana said, "The party in power believes that every Governmental action is entitled to judicial endorsement. The parties in opposition expect the judiciary to advance their political positions and causes". He said the… read-more

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PM Narendra Modi

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PM Modi Slams Congress, Calls It Threat To Democracy: Rajya Sabha

Addressing the Rajya Sabha, during the ongoing Parliament Budget session 2022, PM Narendra Modi made a remark against Congress.  He said family-run parties are biggest threat to "democracy". Taking dig at INC, during his thanks to the President's address, Modi said, under the Congress leadership, there were emergencies, attacks, people were deprived of water, power and developments. He further added, Congress should change name to "Federation… read-more

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India Ranks 85 In Transparency International’s Corruption Index, Best In South Asia

India ranked at 85 among 180 countries in its Corruption Perception Index report(CPI), of 2021. According to Transparency International Reports, India's rank improved by one place to 85 in 2021 from 86th in 2020. However, it raised concern over the country's democratic status. ''Journalists and activists are particularly at risk and have been victims of attacks by bureaucrats'', it stated. Notably, Denmark topped the list with the highest… read-more

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India listed as a repressed country

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South African Organisation Lists India As 'Repressed' Country In Civil Rights

As per a South African non-profit organisation Civicus, India is one of the "repressed" countries in terms of democracy. Released on December 9, Civicus listed countries, considering freedom and civil rights into five categories- open, narrowed, obstructed, repressed, and closed. As per Civicus, in India, activists, and people criticising the government are targeted by authorities, making India a "repressed" country. Russia, African and Asian… read-more

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US President Joe Biden

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US Grants $3.75 Million To Develop Technology Enhancing Privacy

The White House, on December 9, announced a grant of $3.75 million for applicants to develop a technology to enhance privacy and democracy. Ahead of the "Summit for Democracy", Joe Biden administration announced the new initiative to boost privacy, communication without Internet or cellular data, enhancing democracy. The initiative will be launched with the United Kingdom, the US National Science Foundation and National Institute of Standards… read-more

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United States President Joe Biden

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Joe Biden Invites 110 Countries For Virtual Summit On Democracy; Excludes China

US President Joe Biden on November 23, officially announced to conduct a virtual summit on democracy ( December 9-10.) Organised for December, countries like India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and 110 countries are invited to the summit. However, allies of the US like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan are not invited. Hungary, Turkey and China are also out of the list. Notably, the State Department Website released the official list. 

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The Democracy Is Under Attack: Rahul Gandhi On Twitter

Following Rahul Gandhi's Twitter handle suspension, the Congress leader took to YouTube on August 13 saying ''the democracy is under attack'' as Twitter is a ''biased platform''. Notably, the site had suspended several Congress leaders' accounts as they posted the photograph of the family of a rape victim in Delhi. Gandhi also said, ''I have some 19 to 20 million followers, you're denying them the right to an opinion.''

Fri, 13 Aug 2021 - 01:02 PM / by Brijesh Goswami

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Mehul Choksi

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Editors Guild Welcomes SC Verdict On Vinod Dua Sedition Case

Signifying the "citizen's right to criticise or comment upon government measures", the Editors Guild of India appreciated the judgement of SC against journalist Vinod Dua's sedition case. Every journalist is entitled to protection specified under the Supreme Court’s 1962 judgment, said a bench of justice. “The Guild demands repeal of these draconian and antiquated laws that find no space in any modern liberal democracy,” the scribe body… read-more

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India rated as an ‘electoral autocracy’ by V dem institute

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Sweden's Liberal Democracy Index Rates India As ‘Electoral Autocracy’

Sweden-based V-Dem (Varieties of Democracy) Institute has labelled India as an 'Electoral Autocracy' alongside Hungary and Turkey in its annual report. Citing constraints on various democratic aspects, the report said, “The world’s largest democracy turned into an electoral autocracy: India with 1.37 billion citizens.” The institute called India's 23% point drop on its 0-to-1 Liberal Democracy Index scale as "one of the most dramatic shifts… read-more

Thu, 11 Mar 2021 - 02:20 PM / by Neha Sanjeev

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