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Ayurveda Pitches Walnut For Glowing Face, Treating Dry Cough

Be it joint pains or dry cough, Ayurveda proposes antioxidant-rich walnut as the one-stop solution for numerous health problems. Ayurvedic doctor Shyam VL says consumption of roasted walnuts eases muscle-related ailments and renews vitality. A face pack made from powdered walnuts and milk fetches an enviable glow within ten minutes. Munching oil-fried sugared walnuts soothes dry cough. Besides, walnut bark powder combined with a clove or used… read-more

Sun, 07 Mar 2021 - 09:15 AM / by Ashly Ann Varghese

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Chew Sesame Seeds For Healthy Teeth And Gums, Says Ayurveda Therapist

Ayurveda massage therapist, Niti Sheth took to Instagram and explained the benefits of chewing sesame seeds in morning. She opined that chewing handful of calcium-rich roasted sesame seeds (white or brown) strengthens teeth and helps in case of receding gums. Moreover, she advises brushing teeth after chewing without toothpaste or toothpowder. Besides, she also revealed its bonus-benefits like strengthening hair, treat dry constipation and… read-more

Mon, 01 Feb 2021 - 11:09 AM / by Harsh Vardhan

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Courtesy: The Indian Express