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Sleeping With Wet Hair Weakens Scalp, Damages Hair Growth: Expert

Sleeping with wet hair after a shower does more harm than good, said dermatologist Dr. Jushya Sarin. Jushya said wet hair soften the weak strands, making them prone to breaking and falling out due to friction on pillow. Sleeping with wet hair on a regular basis can also pose greater risk as wet hair may lead to fungus and bacteria causing inflammation, Jushya said. Besides, dry scalp helps in making hair greasy and oily.

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Skin redness

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Dermatologist Suggests Aloe Vera, Vitamin C To Reduce Skin Redness

Dermatologist Geetika Mittal suggests that use of aloe vera can be a ‘natural miracle-healer’ in reducing skin redness. She advises to apply Vitamin C in skincare routine as it provides skin brightening and reduces redness due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, proposing peptides as helpful in tackling red skinning, Geetika advocates use of sunscreen while moving out in the sunlight. Cosmetologist say that skin redness usually… read-more

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Representational photo: Hair shedding

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Dermatologist Explains Difference Between Hair Shedding, Hair Loss

Dermatologist Dr Jushya explains that hair-shedding is triggered by external factors whereas hair-loss can be genetic as well. Jushya says shedding 50-100 hair strands per day is completely normal, however, the number can exceed for someone who underwent labour, weight loss or mental stress. Moreover, experts claim hair-loss is mainly associated with heredity, immunity system or harsh hair products. For defective genes, she says women face… read-more

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Representational photo: Women with adult acne

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Adult Acne: Dermatologist Explains Causes, Ways To Avoid It

In a recent Instagram, Dermatologist Jushya Sarin has discussed the major factors causing acne in grown-ups. According to Dr Sarin, adult acne can be caused by hormonal fluctuations i.e., progesterone-increment in females and androgens in males. Moreover, higher cortisol levels triggered by chronic stress along with pollution and oily food can also cause acne. Besides, Sarin recommends to use the right beauty products and avoid cleaning the… read-more

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Representational photo: Woman examining dark under-eye circles.

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Dark Circles Not Majorly Associated To Sleep Duration: Dermatologist

New York's dermatologist Robyn Gmyrek has debunked the myth that sleep deprivation causes dark circles. According to her, dark circles are more likely caused by genetics rather than amount of sleep. Besides, Hyperpigmentation, chronic eye-rubbing or blue veins under the eye also contribute to the dark circles. Moreover, she also discarded the myth that eating greasy food causes acne as, according to her, only milk is associated to acne… read-more

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Representational photo: Itchy skin.

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Dermatologist Suggests Ways To Avoid Winter-Caused Eczema

Eczema/ Dermatitis is a common winter-related skin complication that arises due to improper moisturization but can be avoided with proper care, said Dermatologist Aakriti Mehra. She explained the skin turns itchy and inflamed with extreme dryness that may be caused by triggers like pollen, dust, food allergies and even genetics. Dr Mehra, thus, advises proper moisturization of the skin, avoiding respective triggers and making a few lifestyle… read-more

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