PM Narendra Modi

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PM Modi Praises Indian Development In 9 Years Of BJP Government

PM Narendra Modi said his government in the last nine years has nurtured the roots of growth and development in India, shaping an infrastructure landscape that is unparalleled. On June 15, PM Modi tweeted, "'9YearsOfGatiAndPragati." The tweet further read, "Every sector has witnessed swift advancement, setting the stage for a developed India." Meanwhile, the BJP has organized several programmes marking nine year of the PM Modi-led BJP… read-more

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Eknath Shinde

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Eknath Shinde Announces Road Along Konkan Coast

With an aim of Maharashtra development, the State CM Eknath Shinde announced to develop a road along the Konkan coast. The construction will be done under the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation with a special authority committee for the construction. "We will strive to realise the tourism potential of Konkan," said Shinde. In addition, the Shinde-led Shiv Sena Government assured to make Konkan a tourism spot with growth in… read-more

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ADB Cites Risk Of GDP Growth Amid Global, Domestic Factors

The Asian Development Bank cited risk regarding the growth of India's GDP, dismissing the forecast of the Indian Government of over 7% GDP growth. Notably, the ADB report mentioned due to global and domestic factors, India can witness a drawback in GDP growth. "any worsening of geopolitical tensions is likely to exert further downward pressure on global demand and increase uncertainty, tamping down India’s growth rate," read report.

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MLC K. Kavitha

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MLC K Kavitha Reacts To Nirmala Sitharaman, Takes Dig At BJP Govt

Telangana MLC K Kavitha took a dig at Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who made a remark against the K Chandrashekar Rao-led Telangana Government. On February 16, Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) MLC said, "If the Modi Government cannot unlock the potential of the nation, don’t blame the States. Telangana is a progressive State and if you cannot think progressively, please don’t blame us,” She blamed Centre for being non-serious.

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World Bank, UNDP

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UNDP & World Bank Sign Agreement For USD 20 Million To Assist Afghanistan

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and World Bank registered a USD 20 million collaboration agreement to promote humanitarian development projects in Afghanistan. According to UNDP release, the new cooperation would assist NGO/CSOs with personalized capacity building inside their work environment and support their Quick Impact Projects (QIPs). QIPs will attempt to improve access to health, education, agriculture and food security,… read-more

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Anil Firojiya

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BJP MP Firojiya Sheds 15 Kg, Demands Rs 15,000 From Gadkari

BJP MP from Ujjain, Anil Firojiya, demanded Rs 15,000 crore fund for constituency development after he won a challenge. Notably, during a public meeting, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari threw a fit challenge to Firojiya, saying he would allocate Rs 1,000 crore, for each kg shed. Accepting the challenge, in the past four-months, Firojiya lost 15 kgs. He said, "If weight-loss brings more budget allocation for Ujjain, I am ready".

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Farmers protest

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TRS Govt Rolls Back Land Pooling Orders Of Warangal Land Amid Protest

The K Chandrashekar Rao-led-Telangana Government canceled the land pooling process for the development of the Outer Ring Road (ORR) in Warangal. The decision was taken after a meeting Urban Development department. Notably, TRS Government proposed to acquire 21,510 acre of land in 28 villages of Warangal farmers, but amid protest,  they withdrew the orders. Theread-more

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PM Modi And Mauritius PM Pravind Jugnauth

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PM Modi, Mauritius PM Jugnauth Hold Virtual Meet To Inaugurate Projects

PM Narendra Modi and PM of Mauritius Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, on January 20, jointly inaugurated India-assisted project in Mauritius. The projects include the civil services college and an 8MV solar PV Farm projects. In addition, the duo also had an agreement of extending US$190 mn line of credit (LoC) for metro… read-more

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AI Cops Crucial To Curb High Profile Crimes, Establish Better Human Relations:Survey

The latest technologies have primarily sophisticated the operations of risk crime and criminal justice. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence (AI)cops are crucial to stop severe crimes, and establish a better humans-machines relationship, reported a study.  According to the Analytics Insight Survey, 22.4% of respondents trusted AI systems to build a strong relationship, between law implementation authorities and the public while, 34.7 %… read-more

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Opioids May Become Safer; Researchers On Drug Development

Opioids are effective pain relievers, but their usage is limited because patients get accustomed to them, necessitating higher and higher dosages. Also, overdoses can result in respiratory depression and death. "The holy grail of opioid research is to determine the ideal properties of an opioid analgesic for maximizing pain relief while reducing the adverse side effects," said Jennifer Whistler, professor of UC Davis School of Medicine.

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