IPS Abhishek Pallava

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Meet Abhishek Pallava Who Quit As Dr To Serve Nation As IPS

IPS Abhishek Pallava, doctor-turned-police officer is an inspiring story to those aspiring to become an IPS officer and clear UPSC. Pallava, a graduate of Delhi AIIMS with a postgraduate degree, found his calling in the Indian police and decided to switch his career from a doctor to a police officer. Native of Bihar's Begusarai area, Pallava started his UPSC journey in 2012 and is currently posted in Chhattisgarh.

Thu, 14 Sep 2023 - 10:32 AM / by Varsha Joshi

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Doctor Gets Fake Rs 500 Note From Patients, Shares Incident On Thread

Dr Manav Arora, an orthopaedic surgeon, shared a tragic-turned-comedy incident on the recently launched Thread platform. On July 7, a patient gave Dr Arora a fake Rs 500 note, which his receptionist didn't notice. Arora shared the incident on Thread and said,  "Anyway, I had a good laugh and I’ve saved this note with me since it’s a fun memory, even though I have been robbed off of Rs 500.” 

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Cyber crime

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Chhattisgarh Cyber Police Arrest Accused For Defrauding A Doctor In Online Stock Market

The director of a "fake" stock market advising firm was detained on May 18 by the Chhattisgarh police's cyber wing for reportedly deluding a doctor in Raigarh district of ₹87 lakh. The accused, Mohsin N, a Kerala native, was apprehended in Bengaluru and brought to Raipur. He claimed that his company, Creative Technology, was employed as a financial analyst for a Singapore-based financial corporation. The bank accounts are being frozen.

Wed, 18 May 2022 - 08:17 PM / by Vidhi Jhunjhunwala

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Hospital room

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Doctor Will Be Responsible For Inadequacy Of Medicines In Hospital

Maharashtra Minister suspend a doctor from the JJ Hospital for shortage of medicines. Amit Deshmukh the Medical Education Minister found that the doctor working there issuing a medicine that was not available at the hospital. The IMA issued a statement regarding that saying, "A doctor can not be held responsible for the hospital not having basic medicines. Most of them were basic medicines but the hospital does not have them."

Sun, 13 Mar 2022 - 07:16 PM / by Rupsa Debnath

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Hands chained with handcuffs

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Doctor Held With Banned MDMA and LSD Stamp Drugs In Kerela

A government doctor has been arrested by police on January 18 in Kerala, after banned contraband was found from his possession. Identified as Aquil Mohammed Hussain, the doctor was working as surgeon in a government medical college. According to police, 2.78 gram MDMA and one LSD Stamp were recovered from him, while the interrogation was going on, before he was scheduled to be submitted to local court. 

Tue, 18 Jan 2022 - 07:39 PM / by Basharat Rashid

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picture of idol being bandaged

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Doctors In Agra Bandage Lord Krishna Idol's "Broken Arm" On Crying Priest's Request

Staff at the district hospital in Agra were confronted with a perplexing dilemma when a priest arrived crying requesting to bandage the fractured limb of Lord Krishna's statue. According to reports, the priest, identified as Lekh Singh,  accidentally broke the limb of the statue while giving it a bath. After some hesitation, the hospital bandaged the arm of the idol.… read-more

Sun, 21 Nov 2021 - 05:49 PM / by SAM RAHUL RAJASHEKHAR

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Doctor Arrested For Rape, Molestation

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Police Arrest 2 Doctors For Raping, Molesting: Chennai

Chennai Police arrested two doctors from Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital for allegedly raping and molesting a female doctor. The doctors were identified as S Vetriselvan (35) and N Mohanraj (28). As reported by the police, the doctors were isolating at a private hotel in T.Nagar when the doctor raped the victim. Furthermore, Mohanraj molested another female doctor in the same period. 

Fri, 19 Nov 2021 - 12:00 PM / by Nehal Surana

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Patient from MGM hospital congratulating him.

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60-Year Old Undergoes 13-Hour ENT Surgery In Chennai

The 60-year-old man from Dubai underwent ENT surgery in Chennai's MGM healthcare hospital on October 29. Reportedly, the patient Shankar received treatment for a rapidly growing, infiltrative, highly vascular skull base tumour of the right side. After thorough planning, the patient underwent surgery which took doctors 13 hours to complete. The surgical outcome was excellent and doctors also wished him a speedy recovery and a healthy future… read-more

Fri, 29 Oct 2021 - 07:14 PM / by SAM RAHUL RAJASHEKHAR

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Body is lying on the floor.

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Daughter Kills Mother For Forcing To Become Doctor

Maharastra's Thane police booked a 15-year-old girl for strangulating her mother to death with her karate belt in Airoli on July 30. The girl confessed of committing the crime as she was upset with her mother for forcing her to study medicine. The difference in opinion between the two led to a heated argument, resulting in murder. The minor has been booked under IPC sections 302 and 201.

Tue, 10 Aug 2021 - 04:13 PM / by Brijesh Goswami

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Robin Gupta

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Assam Professor Builds Rs 1 Filter That Detox 100 Litres Of Water

After learning of the life-threatening effects of "Arsenic" a naturally occurring material used in industries, Professor Robin Gupta from Assam dedicated his life to building a low coast solution that will benefit people. After years of hard work, he finally built a DIYFilter that detects the presence of metals in drinking water under just Rs 1.  This low-coast filter is now available in India, the USA, and Yemen.

Sun, 08 Aug 2021 - 06:36 PM / by Balaji L

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