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Residents To Pay Fine Of Rs 5000 For Mosquito Breeding

Jatashankar Gupta, 70, a businessman and the secretary of Deep Residency CHS and Kamlakar Mohite, 60 were ordered to pay a fine of Rs. 5,000 each, after they were found violating Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act. If they default in paying the fine, they would have to serve 30 days in prison, said Metropolitan Magistrate RJ Patil. Notably, drain water in societies causing mosquitoes' breeding, which is a fear for residents.

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Bengaluru rescue operations

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Body Of Engineer Discovered In Drain After 40 Hours In Bengaluru

Rescue personnel on June 19 retrieved the body of a 28-year-old civil engineer who was washed away after falling into an open stormwater drain in Bengaluru. Mithun Kumar's body was discovered stuck in an underbridge where he was attempting to stop his two-wheeler from being dragged into the lake. The rescue team included 59 officers of state disaster response force, 24 members of national disaster response force, and 20 firefighters.

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Elderly man drinks drain water

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MP Man Drinks Drain Water To Win Bet Money Worth Rs 2,000: MP

To win a bet of Rs 2,000, an elderly man, 60-year-old-pannalal drank drain water.  The bet was given by the sarpanch of Jamwati village, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh.  bet was made over the statement of Pannalal, that he would have drank drain water for Rs 1,000.  Hearing the statement, youths and sarpanch offered him Rs 2,000 to drink the water, on January 13, which went viral on January 16.

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