Synthetic Rat Embryo

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Synthetic Mouse Embryo Created In Lab, Without Using Egg & Sperm Procedure: Israel

A lab in Israel has claimed to have created a synthetic mouse embryo, without eggs and sperm procedure. The lab claims to have created the embryo synthetically, using stem cell procedure. Hanna, a researcher, said that the procedure one day will be used to create artificial human embryo-like structures. "The embryo made had a beating heart, brain-like and intestine-like structure," said Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour.

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Dinosaur Embryo

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Fossil Of Baby Dinosaur Found In China; Looks Like Modern Bird

Scientists of China have announced the discovery of a 66-million-year-old fossil of a dinosaur embryo in its egg in perfect condition. It's been named 'Baby Yingliang'. Reportedly, it looks like a modern birth at that stage but it has tiny arms in place of wings. The fossil was found in southern China and was sent to China's Yingliang Stone Nature History Museum in 2000 for further examination. 

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In A First, Scientists Create Embryos Having Mix Of Human, Monkey Cells

In a first of its kind, scientists formed embryos consisting human and monkey cells. Aimed at growing transplanted organs, the scientists injected the embryos of macaque monkeys with human stem cells thereby studying it for 19 days. While laying stress on the behaviour of two interrelated cells, the research surprisingly showcased growth of several human cells in embryos. However, experts have raised ethical concerns in connection with… read-more

Sat, 17 Apr 2021 - 05:42 PM / by Ronit John

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