Om Birla

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Om Birla Cautions Against Misuse Of Natural Resources

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla stressed the need for a sustainable environment, during an event on April 16. During his speech at a Parliamentary Research and Training Institute program, Birla called for innovative methods to preserve the environment. He also cautioned against the misuse of natural resources. He also stated that climate change affects various aspects of human life, like the ecosystem, the economy, etc.

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Librarian weighing trash

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Librarian In Indonesia Lends Books In Exchange Of Trash

Raden Roro Hendarti, a Librarian in Indonesia's Java island has started lending books to children in exchange for trash. The librarian has been reported to distribute books going from place to place using a three-wheeler, and collect 100 kg of trash every week, which is then sorted and sent for recycling. According to her statement, she wants to inculcate reading in kids and make them aware of the environment.

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Top Indian Designers Vow To Make Leather-Free Products

Considering World Fashion Day celebrated on August 21, India's top 32 fashion designers have claimed that they will eliminate the use of leather in their products and in other materials. The designers featuring the initiative are Gaurav Gupta, Masaba Gupta, and others. The move comes after they were asked to do so by the PETA India and Lakme Fashion Week with an aim to prevent environmental and ethical treatment of animals.

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HFC Refrigerant

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India To Limit Use Of HFC Refrigerants To Curb Climate Damage

The Union Cabinet on August 18 approved India's ratification on curbing the use of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) following the "Kigali Amendment of the Montreal Protocol". In October 2016, as many as 197 countries undertook the Amendment to limit the use of HFCs by the end of 2040, as it causes severe environmental and climate damage. India will begin the process of limiting the use of HFC refrigerants from 2032 onwards.

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Single-use Plastic

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Single-Use Plastics Will Be Banned From July Next Year: Environment Ministry

The Indian government through its notification to the Plastic Waste Management Amendment rules, 2021 has ordered the ban on single-use plastic from July 2022. "The manufacture, import, stocking, distribution, sale and use of single-use plastic, including polystyrene and expanded polystyrene commodities shall be prohibited from 1st July 2022," the Environment Ministry said. The thickness of polythene bags will be increased from 50 to 75… read-more

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Cargo ship fire causes one of the worst marine ecological disasters that Sri Lanka has seen in decades.

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Sri Lanka To Initiate An Inquiry Against Chemical Spill In Indian Ocean

As a result of sea accident, tonnes of chemicals spilled into the Indian Ocean. Reportedly, the cargo container which was on the way to Singapore, MV X-Press Pearl had caught fire due to the leakage of nitric acid and sinks off near the Sri Lankan coast. Meanwhile, the SriLanka government and Navy have launched a criminal investigation, calling it the country’s worst marine disaster.

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Actress Juhi Chawla

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Actress Juhi Chawla Files Plea Against 5G Implementation In Delhi HC

Actress Juhi Chawla has filed a plea in Delhi HC against the implementation of 5G network in India. Reportedly, the suit directs concerned departments to properly study and certify whether the effects of the implementation are safe or not. The eco-activist actress also requested to ensure whether the implementation would be safe in the near future also. Accepting the plea, the court scheduled the hearing on June 2.

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India's First 3D print Luminaries; Uses Recyclable Polycarbonate Material

India's first 3D print manufacturing facilities are installed at Noida and Vadodara on March 19. Developed by Signify innovations India, the new technology will use recyclable polycarbonate material for a sustainable manner of manufacturing. Senior Official Sumit Joshi said the company is eyeing pilot projects in the initial stage, followed by reaching out to different segments. Besides, the product creates desirable designs producing 47%… read-more

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Env Min Report Reveals Telangana Sanctuaries Poorly Administered

The Management Effectiveness Evaluation (MME) report by the Union Environment Ministry has revealed that wildlife sanctuaries in Telangana are managed poorly as compared to other states. The study evaluated 143 sanctuaries in 16 Indian states including three sanctuaries of Telangana. Citing less food availability, extensive fishing, lack of flora and fauna documentation and increased human pressure among other reasons, the report marked … read-more

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Storage tanks of Fukushima Nuclear Power-Plant

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Japan to Discharge Fukushima Plant's Contaminated Water Into Pacific Ocean

Japan is planning to release over 1 million tonnes of polluted water from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into Pacific Ocean. Reportedly, the plant site is running out of space to build more tanks, while the available tanks will be full by 2022. Local fishermen opposed the decision saying it took them years to rebuild the fishing industry after 2011 Tsunami. Government advisors claim the discharge will be 40 times less concentrated and… read-more

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