Indian Exports

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India’s Merchandise Export Sinks By 3.52% In September; Now At $32.62 Billion

India’s monthly exports in September stood at USD 32.62 billion, which is 3.52% lesser compared to USD 33.81 billion in September 2021, according to government data. However, India has seen a rise in the merchandise exports during April to September 2022 compared to that of previous year’s. India’s merchandise exports stood at USD 229.05 billion during April to September, which is 15.54% higher compared to USD 198.25 billion last year. 

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Crude oil

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Govt Reduces Windfall Tax On Fuel Export, Domestic Crude Oil, ATF Amid Global Oil Prices Fall

After global oil prices plummeted, government removed three-week-old tax on petrol exports and reduced windfall levies on international shipments of diesel and ATF, and domestically produced crude oil, on July 19. While the export duty on petrol was abolished at Rs 6, the duty on diesel and jet fuel (ATF) was reduced by Rs 2 per litre. The tariff on domestic crude was also reduced to Rs 17,000 per tonne.

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Indian Agriculture

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India's Agricultural & Processed Food Export Rises By 14% In Q1 Of Current Financial Year

India has witnessed a 14% growth in its import of agricultural and processed food in the first quarter (April to June) of the current Financial Year (April 2022- March 2023). During the same period, in the previous Financial Year, India's exports were worth $5,256 million, compared to this year's $5,987 million. Meanwhile, the government targets to export worth $ 23.56 billion agricultural and processed food in the current Financial Year.

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Central Government Imposes Limitations On Sugar Exports

Central government put constraints on sugar exports of up to 100 lakh metric tonnes (LMT) from June 1 to October 31. This is to ensure domestic supply and price stability throughout the 2021-22 sugar season (October-September). Exports will be permitted only with the specific consent of the Directorate of Sugar under the Department of Food and Public Distribution. This year's sugar season has seen the largest sugar export in history.  

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Indonesia Palm Oil

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Indonesia To Lift Palm Oil Export Ban, Says President Joko Widodo

Indonesia announced to lift its palm oil exports ban on May 23. The decision was taken by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, which is said to be a major relief for global vegetable oil markets, which reached a massive hit in the past few weeks. Joko said, the decision was taken considering 17 million people, and farmers suffering from the ban. The ban was imposed on April 28, amid Ukraine-Russia war.

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Wheat Farming

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To Curb The Rise In Domestic Prices, India Bans Wheat Exports

India has suspended wheat exports with immediate effect as part of its efforts to contain rising domestic prices. The decision to limit wheat exports comes after a massive crop loss in March due to a heatwave. Inflation, which reached 7.79 percent in April, is also putting pressure on the government. According to government sources, China is importing food grains from India after crop losses caused food insecurity there.

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Banana and Baby Corn

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India To Now Export Banana & Baby Corn To Canada, Receives Market Access

India has received market access to export fresh bananas to Canada with immediate effect. Also, in a month, following a technical update, India will also start exporting baby corn to Canada. The decision has been taken after negotiations were carried out between Agriculture Secretary Manoj Ahuja and Canadian High Commissioner HE Cameron Mackay, on April 7. The move is expected to benefit the Indian farmers abundantly.

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Mango and Pomegranates

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India To Export Mangoes & Pomegranates To US Soon; Receives Approval

India is set to start exporting mangoes from January - February 2022 and pomegranates from April 2022 to the United States after receiving an approval. US will also export Alfalfa hay for animal feeding and cherries from April 2022 to India. Moreover, India gave US the access to its pork market. It comes under the agreement of 2 Vs 2 Agri market access between both countries. 

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Vaccine being exported by India.

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India Starts Export of COVID-19 Vaccine, Supplies 4 Countries

Under the ''Vaccine Maitri'' initiative, India started the export of vaccine doses to Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Iran, media reports said on October 10. Repotedly, India sent 10 lakh doses of Covidsheild to Myanmar, Nepal, and Bangladesh. While Iran will receive three lakh doses of Covaxin. The initiative will also help India to fulfill its commitment towards COVAX to supply vaccine to poor countries. 

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Indian Aladin
Indian Aladin Makes Indian Agro Food Products Available In Global Market

Here is Indian Aladin! A company with one motive only - to make the agricultural food products of India available in the global market. Indian Aladin empowers rural farming as it sources its products directly from the local farmers. With a wide variety of rice and millets, Indian Aladin is… read-more

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