Karnataka Constable Kishore with wife Pratibha

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Karnataka Constable Travels 230 Km To Kill Wife, Consume Insecticide

In a shocking incident, a constable from Karnataka, identified as D Kishore (32) killed his wife amid suspicion of an affair. Getting into the details, the accused traveled 230 km after his wife, Pratibha, didn't answer Kishore's 150 calls. Notably, Pratibha, a mother of a newborn baby, had a fight with Kishore and was staying with her parents when Kishore traveled and strangled her to death after consuming insecticide.

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Man murdered gf

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Palghar Crime: 43-Year-Old Murders Alleged Girlfriend, Dumps Body With Help Of Wife

In a shocking incident, a man allegedly murdered his girlfriend by drowning her in a bucket full of water. Manohar Shukla (43) committed the crime after the victim refused to withdraw a rape complaint against him. Moreover, Shukla with her wife Poornima placed the victim's body in a suitcase, embarked on a journey spanning over 150 kilometres, from Palghar, Mumbai, and dumped body. Both Shukla and Poornima are arrested.

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US Man

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Florida Man Beats Cheating Wife's Lover With Bat

In the United States, Florida, 33-year-old John Dimmig allegedly beat wife's lover with a bat. On July 7, John went to an Airbnb and caught his wife, Christie Barbato, in bed with a colleague, a CT technician.  In anger, the accused started beating John and is now facing an attempt to murder charges. ""I felt like he was trying to murder me," said the accused. A case is registered for investigation. 

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