Mads Mikkelsen to take his own approach towards portraying Grindelwald.

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Copying Johnny Depp In Fantastic Beasts Is "Creative Suicide": Mads Mikkelsen

Actor Mads Mikkelsen opened up on replacing Johny Depp in the Fantastic Beasts series and said it would be a 'creative suicide’ if he follows what Johnny Depp has portrayed. Depp was fired after the alleged accusations of domestic violence. Mikkelsen emphasized on giving the role his own touch and opined that the audience would not like it if he copies Depp. Fantastic Beasts 3 will release in July 2022.

Sat, 08 May 2021 - 05:05 PM / by Anvitha Shetty

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Johnny Depp

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Warner Bros Asks Johnny Depp To Quit Fantastic Beasts Franchise

After losing the 'wife-beater' case, actor Johnny Depp has been asked to step down from the 'Fantastic Beasts' franchise by Warner Bros. Studios. The actor, in a short statement on Instagram, informed about the request made to him for stepping down. He also thanked everyone who stood by him during the trials. However, Depp… read-more

Sat, 07 Nov 2020 - 01:41 AM / by Shivam Chandrashekhar Kulkarni

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