Sonia Gandhi

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Sonia Gandhi Admitted To Hospital, Said To Be Stable

Former Congress President Sonia Gandhi has been admitted to hospital after she suffered from a fever. On March 3, Gandhi was admitted to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, in Delhi. As of now, doctors are treating her and released a media bulletin, confirming that she is fine and stable.  Gandhi is under the supervision of Arup Basu, senior consultant, the Department of Chest Medicine, and his team.

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Tomato Flu

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India Registers 82 Tomato Fever Cases In Children Under 5 Years

Tomato flu, often known as tomato fever, was initially reported in Kerala on May 6, and India has registered 82 instances so far. Tomato flu, which affects children under the age of five, is sometimes referred to as an undetected fever. Rashes, red blisters, and skin irritation are common symptoms in children with flu. Doctors stated if supportive treatment is provided, the symptoms will heal on their own over time.     

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Pune Sees Increase In Dengue, With 50 Cases Reported In Last 2 Weeks

Pune has seen an upsurge in dengue fever infections in the previous two weeks, with 50 new cases registered. According to sources, the health department of the Pune Municipal Corporation has recorded 200 cases of dengue and 72 cases of chikungunya since January. However, no dengue-related fatalities were recorded. At the same time, the city has documented 11 instances of H1N1 virus (swine flu) infection this year.

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Blood Sample with VHF Virus

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Iraq Records 90 Cases, 10 Deaths Due To Viral Hemorrhagic Fever

Approximately 90 cases of viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF) were reported in Iraq, with at least ten individuals dying as a result of the illness, stated the Iraqi Ministry of Health. The VHFs are a category of viruses, including the Ebola virus, that target several organ systems in the body and can induce fever and hemorrhage. The Iraqi health ministry has not specified which virus is responsible for the current outbreak. 

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Children At a hospital.

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130 Children Hospitalised Due To High Fever In WB's Jalpaiguri 

In a shocking incident, at least 130 children suffering from high fever and dysentery were admitted to Jalpaiguri Sadar Hospital, informed a health department official on September 13. Reportedly, two out of those admitted children are in serious condition. Considering the risk of the third wave of the COVID-19, the hospital's infrastructure is also being ramped up. Besides, DM Moumita Godara Basu is also keeping eye on the developments.

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Representational photo: Coconut water.

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Doctors Suggest Coconut Water To Avoid Post-Vaccination Fever

To avoid post-vaccination complications, especially fever, health experts have advised to consume coconut water as it controls blood pressure and maintains proper hydration. As per Dr Mansoor Ahmad, coconut water contains more nutrients than milk, along with antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin C and phosphorus. Besides, it also helps in detoxifying the body. Coconut water is also believed to prevent diarrhoea and muscle-… read-more

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