Ex-Unacademy teacher Karan Sangwan

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Unacademy Ex-Tutor Karan Sangwan After Being Fired Over Political Controversy

After being sacked from Unacademy over the controversial educated politician who should be voted, ex-tutor Karan Sangwani shared his views about the whole matter. The ex-Unacademy teacher said, "It will be very difficult for me to work with platforms that restrict someone's opinions. Everybody has freedom according to our constitution so you can’t stop anybody from expressing themselves." Notably, Karan has started his YouTube Channame named… read-more

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Unacademy Teacher

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Unacademy Teacher Who Went Viral For Urging Students To Vote For Educated Leader Gets Fired

Ed-Tech company Unacademy has fired its teacher whose video had gone viral in which he could be heard asking students to vote for a literate person in the upcoming elections. The update was shared by X user Shantanu on the micro blogging site, saying, "This teacher urged his students to vote for an educated leader, he didn’t take anyone’s name. BJP pressurised Unacademy. Now he has lost his job."

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Madhav Chinnappa

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Google Laid Off Director For News Ecosystem Madhav Chinnappa

In another layoff, Google has fired Director of News Ecosystem Development, Madhav Chinnappa, who worked at the Mountain View-based company for 13 years. After being laid off, Madhav wrote a long post about his time at Google, and thanked his teammates, colleagues. “I am on gardening leave at the moment. In the end, I am proud of what I have been able to achieve during 13 years at Google from

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Byjus To Fire 1,000 Employees From Different Units, Across India

Edu Tech platform Byju continues their layoff and is set to fire as many as 1,000 more employees. As per sources, Marketing managers have been asked to fire two people each from sales and marketing from each of its 280 tuition centres across the country. The latest layoff came six months after the company fired 5,000 employees. Furthermore, the fired employees would be given two months severance.

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Alibaba Laid Off Roughly 10,000 Workers As Part Of Cost-Cutting Initiatives

Alibaba, Chinese technology corporation, has laid off around 10,000 workers as part of cost-cutting efforts in the face of a weakening economy. The layoffs came as Alibaba announced a 50% decline in net profits in the June quarter, to 22.74 billion yuan. In other developments, Alibaba Chairman and CEO Daniel Zhang Yong stated that the internet business wants to hire 6,000 new university graduates by the end of the year.

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Netflix Fires 300 More Employees Amid Slow Revenue Growth

Netflix is increasingly losing paid members, which is one of the key reasons why the company's revenue growth has slowed over time. Netflix has acknowledged that it has executed the second phase of layoffs, dismissing around 300 employees. Due to weak profits and slow revenue growth, Netflix previously fired over 150 people. Netflix's choice to terminate employees is motivated by company objectives rather than individual performance.

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Several Employees At SpaceX Fired After Criticizing Elon Musk In Open Letter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk's rocket ship firm, SpaceX, dismissed many employees on June 17 who were part of an open letter criticizing the billionaire for his behaviors. Musk's activities, according to the letter writers, have been a “frequent source of distraction and embarrassment for us, particularly in recent weeks." Although it's unknown how many SpaceX employees were fired, Shotwell said the corporation thought the individuals had passed an… read-more

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