Ex wife of microsoft executive

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Ex Wife Of Microsoft Executive Murdered In Florida Charged With Key Role In Crime

In a huge update in the murder investigation of Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan who was shot dead in Florida last year, his ex-wife Shanna Gardner has been charged for having a “central and key role” in the killing. , a grand jury indicted Gardner on charges which include first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, solicitation to commit first-degree murder and child abuse.

Tue, 22 Aug 2023 - 05:41 PM / by Varsha Joshi

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US Man

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Florida Man Beats Cheating Wife's Lover With Bat

In the United States, Florida, 33-year-old John Dimmig allegedly beat wife's lover with a bat. On July 7, John went to an Airbnb and caught his wife, Christie Barbato, in bed with a colleague, a CT technician.  In anger, the accused started beating John and is now facing an attempt to murder charges. ""I felt like he was trying to murder me," said the accused. A case is registered for investigation. 

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Donald Trump

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US Federal Officials Find 11 Secret Documents At Donald Trump's Florida Residence

US federal investigators on August 12 seized 11 sets of secret documents from the Florida home of former President Donald Trump during an extraordinary search. These papers are part of a possible criminal breach of the Espionage Act and a few other laws. Trump is facing potential criminal charges in Georgia as a result of his efforts to reverse the result of the 2020 presidential election in his favor.

Sat, 13 Aug 2022 - 01:30 PM / by Vidhi Jhunjhunwala

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Donald Trump

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Donald Trump Alleges FBI Raided His Florida Property, Broke His Safe

The Federal Bureau of Investigation raided Donald Trump's home in Palm Beach, Florida, according to a statement issued by the former US president. He said that the FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago house and that their officers even shattered his safe in a "assault" that occurs in third-world nations. The raid was presumably conducted to determine whether he had hidden secret materials in his Florida residence.

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Orlando Free Fall Ride

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Teen Falls To Death From Standing Drop Tower: Orlando

Tyre Sampson (14) who visited the Orlando Free Fall ride with a friend's family, fell to his death from the amusement park ride which is taller than the statue of Liberty. Reportedly, the boy fell face-first onto the ground, breaking his arms and legs. The boy reportedly had no pulse when he was taken to the hospital. Orange County Sheriff John Mina said that the incident will be investigated.

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The Dalí Museum

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Museum In Florida Displays All 79 Masterpieces Of Picasso

The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, in collaboration with Paris's Musée Picasso, displayed the 79 masterpieces of Picasso. The exhibit, named "Picasso and the Allure of the South," focuses on Picasso’s life and work of more than 60 years. "We always associated him with Paris but apparently he was very awkward," said Peter Tush, senior curator of education, Dalí Museum. Notably, the exhibit will go until May 22, 2022.

Fri, 18 Feb 2022 - 06:10 PM / by Madhvi Jha

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Covid-19 patient Bettina Lerman.

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Covid-19 Patient Surprises Doctors By Waking Up From Coma: US

Bettina Lerman, a 69-year old woman contracted the COVID-19 virus in early September and was put on the ventilator on 21 September. She later went into a coma. However, she surprised the doctors by waking up from a coma on the day when they were supposed to remove the ventilator. Reportedly, Bettina belonging to America's Florida was also suffering from other health conditions like diabetes and heart problems. 

Sun, 21 Nov 2021 - 03:20 PM / by Nehal Surana

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Victoria Triece

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School In Florida Dennies Voluteering To Mom For Having OnlyFans Page

Victoria Triece, a mom in US Florida, alleged she could no longer volunteer at her children's elementary school because she's an OnlyFans page. Triece and her attorney stated the school will be sued for $1 million. "Nobody has the right to judge what other people do for a living," said Triece. However, Triece said the school authorities informed her that she could join field trips, accompanying her children.

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Zoom Conference and Gun

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2-Year-Old US Boy Kills Her Mother With Gun; Father Arrested

Veondre Avery, father of a two-year-old boy who tragically shot his mother in the head while she was on a Zoom call conference. Owing to the negligence, the father has been accused of murder and has been detained in Florida on October 12. However, Avery had stored the gun in a backpack inspired by a television show "Paw-Patrol". Besides, the gun was kept loaded without any protection.

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Four SpaceX Tourists Safely Returned To Earth Without Aid Of Professional Astronauts

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Four Amateur SpaceX Tourists' Safely Returned To Earth; Makes History

After spending three days in space, Four SpaceX tourists safely returned to Earth on September 18, capping off their first orbital mission without the aid of professional astronauts. At 23.06 GMT, SpaceX Dragon-capsule landed into the Atlantic Ocean off the Florida coast after its heat shield allowed it to endure descent. "That was a heck of a ride for us, and we're just getting started," Jared Isaacman said after landing.

Sun, 19 Sep 2021 - 12:45 PM / by Vidhi Jhunjhunwala

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