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Fasting Helps Loose Weight, Reduces Cardiometabolic Risks: Study

Health professionals from Germany’s Max Delbruck Center have unraveled ground-breaking results about fasting. Published in 'Nature Communications', the experiment showed respondents witnessed reduced systolic blood pressure and weight loss as a result of fasting. Moreover, the research said that fasting and refeeding reduces the chances of cardiometabolic risk, exacerbated by Western diet. Conducted on hypertensive metabolic syndrome patients… read-more

Sun, 11 Apr 2021 - 08:31 PM / by Ronit John

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Pediatrics' List Foods That Should Not Be Fed To Weaning Toddlers

Paediatrics suggest parents avoid certain foods to toddlers between 1-3 age group while ensuring their nutritional development. Strictly prohibiting nuts and seeds for children as they may choke the oesophagus, experts advise preventing oily food that can cause indigestion in toddlers. Whole veggies/fruits, candy and fizzy drinks should also be avoided. Besides, it is advised to keep toddlers away from sugary treats that pose threat to their… read-more

Tue, 06 Apr 2021 - 06:30 PM / by Neha Sanjeev

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Food Processing Industry

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Rs 11 Cr PLI Approved For Food Processing Sector

The Union government gave a nod for a Production Linked Incentive scheme worth Rs 10,900 crore in the food processing sector. The scheme will generate over 2.5 lakh jobs by 2026-27 and enlarge the food processing capacity. Moreover, incentives worth Rs 2 lakh crore have been approved for 13 sectors. Besides, the scheme will fulfil the need for organic foods and ready to eat foods from India in the global market.

Thu, 01 Apr 2021 - 08:21 PM / by Nikita Thakur

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931 Mn+ Metric Ton Food Wasted In 2019, India Wasted 50Kg/Head: UN

The United Nations Environment Programme’s Food Waste Index Report has revealed that over 931 million metric tons of food were wasted worldwide in 2019. The report added that nearly 61% of food is wasted every year at household levels. While the food waste in India was recorded as 50 kg/person, it was as high as 82 kilograms in Afghanistan. The UN has estimated that about 690 million people were affected by hunger in 2019.

Sat, 06 Mar 2021 - 11:52 AM / by Nikita Thakur

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Sooji ka halwa

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Nutritionists Suggest 'Sooji Halwa' To Satisfy Sweet Tooth Cravings

Nutritionists suggest people with sweet tooth to consume 'Sooji ka halwa' owing to its nutritional value. However, they suggest to use less clarified butter (ghee), sugar substitute 'stevia' and low fat milk. While a single serve of halwa contains 285 calories, its basic ingredient 'Sooji' or 'semolina' provides a rich source of iron, magnesium and fibre. Dieticians also recommend the dish as it helps in maintaining healthy heart,… read-more

Tue, 26 Jan 2021 - 10:56 AM / by Richa Nigam

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Trans Fat Free

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FSSAI Orders To Drop Trans Fat Levels To 3% In 2021

The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has reduced the trans fat levels in the food items from 5% to 3% from January 1, 2021. As per experts, trans fat is formed during the hydrogenation of vegetable oils, and high levels in daily consumption can cause cardiovascular diseases. These are used to increase the life of food items. Moreover, the FSSAI has directed to reduce the levels to 2% in 2022.

Mon, 04 Jan 2021 - 02:28 PM / by Sakshi Teresa Emmanuel

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Swiggy- Biriyani

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Chicken Biryani Becomes Most Ordered Food On Swiggy In 2020

Chicken biryani became the most ordered food on online platform Swiggy. The fifth edition of Swiggy’s StatEATstics reported that over 3 lakhs new users joined the platform to order the biryani. However, the ratio of vegetarian and chicken biryani orders stood at 1:6. Masala dosa, paneer butter masala and chicken fried rice were next in the line. Swiggy also delivered over six lakh cakes during the pandemic.

Wed, 23 Dec 2020 - 08:45 AM / by Sakshi Teresa Emmanuel

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McDonald's "Spam Burger" Leaves Netizens With Mixed Feeling

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McDonald's China Adds 'Spam Burger' In Menu; Netizens Call It Weird

McDonald's in China has introduced a weird burger made of spam topped with crushed Oreo cookies and mayonnaise. The McDonalds said the new burger is a part of ist promotions and is planning to sell about 400,000 units. A mocking comment on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo read that, “When you hate someone but have to invite him to dinner, you can ask him to eat McDonald’s Oreo lunchmeat burger.”

Mon, 21 Dec 2020 - 07:23 PM / by Archita chakraborty

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Gordon Ramsay

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Rs 7,000 Worth Special Burger At Gordon Ramsay's New Restaurant

Star Chef Gordon Ramsay will be launching his new restaurant in London's Harrod which will serve one of the costliest burgers in the world. As per reports, the chef's special burger costs roughly Rs 7,000, which will be prepared with "UK’s best cuts of meat", truffle pecorino cheese, cep-mayonnaise, and black truffle. While introducing it, Ramsay said, “Trust me, this is going to be a burger experience like no other."

Thu, 26 Nov 2020 - 11:30 AM / by Richa Nigam

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 red meat

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UK Health Alliance asks for a Climate Tax on Food Products

The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change has urged stakeholders to impose 'Climate Tax' on food that has an environmental impact by 2025. It mentioned that red meat and dairy products have more impact on the ecosystem compared to others. However, officials clarified that they do not promote 'Veganism' and instead advise people to concentrate on plant-proteins as well. It suggested stopping buy-one-get-one-free offers on food which are harmful… read-more

Wed, 04 Nov 2020 - 04:25 PM / by Gayatri Sriaadhibhatla

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