Pakistan Railways

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Pakistan Railways Disrupted Amid Rising Fuel Crisis

Trains have gradually come to a standstill in Pakistan, as the Railways have disrupted amid rising fuel crisis in the country. Pakistan Railways have stopped services across the country, also due to lack of revenue amid ongoing financial crisis in the nation, reported The Express Tribune. Meanwhile, Pakistan Railways is also buying fuel from private firms to continue operations. However, government officials are yet to make a statement.

Fri, 30 Sep 2022 - 08:45 PM / by Shibu Immanuel S

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Sri Lanka Crisis

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Sri Lanka Shut Schools, Urges Work From Home To Save Fuel Amid Economic Crisis

Sri Lanka Troops distributed tokens to citizens standing in lines for fuel on June 27 amid a severe fuel scarcity in the country grappling with its worst economic crisis. Colombo's schools are closed and public employees are told to work from home. Sri Lanka is having trouble paying for imports of food, medicine, and most crucially, fuel since its foreign exchange reserves are at an all-time low.

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Two-Day-Old Baby Dies In Sri Lanka As Father Couldn't Find Petrol Amid Country's Fuel Crisis

A two-day-old baby died in Sri Lanka's Central Highlands area as the country's fuel crisis worsened. Her father couldn't find petrol for his tuk-tuk to drive her to the hospital. Sri Lanka is battling to raise funds to import fuel and other necessities. India has aided Sri Lanka on multiple occasions, most recently providing 40,000 metric tonnes of diesel under a credit line arrangement on May 21.

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UK PM Boris Johnson

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UK Is In 'Adjustment Phase' Post Brexit & COVID, Says PM Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on October 3 stated that UK is going through a "period of adjustment" as a result of Brexit and COVID. He also ruled out the possibility of raising taxes again, claiming it to be "fierce" and "zealous". UK has been dealing with a severe petrol issue for more than a week. On September 30, Petrol-Retailers-Association reported that 27% of its petrol-pumps had dried. 

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