PM Modi Unveiling Statue Of Mahatma Gandhi

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PM Modi Unveiled Statue Of Mahatma Gandhi In Japan's Hiroshima

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is in Japan to attend the G7 Summit, unveiled a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Hiroshima today. Sharing a picture from the event on Twitter, PM Modi said that the bust of Mahatma Gandhi will take forward the idea of non-violence. "The Gandhian ideals of peace and harmony reverberate globally and give strength to millions," said PM Narendra Modi in a tweet in Japanese.

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Sustainable Energy

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G7 Commits To Accelerate India's Transition To Sustainable Energy

The G7 leaders have formally endorsed the Paris Climate Agreement. The G7 leaders also pledged to work closely with developing nations to advance sustainable energy and resilience through fresh initiatives, including their commitment to an India-led Just Energy Transition Partnership. Recognizing that emissions from coal power generation are the single largest contributor to global warming, they have pledged to have a fully or predominantly… read-more

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Joe Biden

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G7 Launches $600 Billion Plan To Compete With China's Belt & Road Project

G7 leaders announced on June 26 to raise $600 billion in funds for the developing world as a response to China's Belt and Road initiative. Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment relaunches a plan. US President Joe Biden announced $200 billion grants, government cash, and private investment over five years to assist initiatives in low and middle-income nations that address climate change, promote global health, gender parity, and… read-more

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PM Modi Arrives Germany

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PM Modi Arrives In Germany To Attend G7 Summit, Tweets

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Germany, to attend the G7 summit, at the invitation of  German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. PM Modi will be in Germany on June 26,27, participating in the G7 summit, and discussing issues like energy, food security, counter-terrorism, environment and democracy with its partner countries. The leaders are also expected to focus on the… read-more

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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PM Modi To Attend G7 Summit In Germany On June 26-27; Will Also Visit UAE

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel to Germany for G7 Summit on June 26-27, and to UAE on June 28. PM Modi will address the Summit on environment, energy, climate, food security, health, gender equality, and democracy. Modi is visiting UAE to express his personal condolences on death of former UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and to congratulate UAE's new President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. 

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Solar Panels and wind turbines

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Germany Seeks Strong Relationship With India In Field Of Renewable Energy

Stephan Grabherr, Deputy Ambassador German Embassy, stated on May 31, that Germany seeks a strong relationship with India on sustainable and green energy and energy transformation. GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation) also gave a presentation on the history of PV Port and technological innovation for "Make in India." He went on to say that India already has fantastic technology and that large corporations have invested heavily in… read-more

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Leaders of the G7 summit questioned China's human rights violations and received a hostile response.

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China Accuses G7 Of 'Political Manipulation' Following Xinjiang Criticism

China accused the G7 of "political manipulation" on June 14 after the leaders of the group questioned Beijing's human rights record in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. The Chinese Embassy in UK reacted angrily to these questions and claimed that the leaders were "interfering" in internal matters. Currently, Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region are undergoing ethnic cleansing in an attempt by China to root out Islamic Extremism.

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China's President Xi JinPing

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'Small Groups' Do Not Decide The Fate Of The world Anymore, Says China To G7 Leaders

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chaired seven discussions against China in the G7 summit, urging leaders to develop a coherent response to the challenges posed by China. Following which Beijing has forewarned the leaders that "small" groups don't decide the world's fate anymore. China's spokesperson added that they believe all countries are equals, and world affairs should be handled through everyone's consultation.

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Joe Biden with other leaders at Cornwall

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Alliance Against China To Be On Biden's G7 Summit Priority

U.S President Joe Biden will appeal to the western countries on the second day of the G7 summit, to form an alliance against China due to its rising influence. Biden wishes to counter Beijing's expenditure on infrastructure in developing countries. The allies are accusing China of abusing several human rights including forced labour in the Xinjiang province. The G7 leaders will further discuss various measures to avoid another pandemic.

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Joe Biden

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US, Russia, China To Converge On COVID-19 Issue In G7 Summit

President Joe Biden's meeting with leaders from Russia and China sees an unlikely ally ship between the three countries against a common deterrent, COVID-19. Scheduled in this week, the meeting will revolve on issues including the new emerging variants of COVID-19, climate change, global supply chains etc. Notably, these meetings are a part of Biden's effort to repair relations with countries and global organizations after Trump’s tumultuous… read-more

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