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Israel-Palestine-Gaza Trilogy Continues; Attacks From Both Sides

In retaliation to Hama's combustible balloon attack in Israel, the Israeli army troops airstrikes in the Gaza region. Reportedly, the attack caused a bushfire near the Gaza strip resulting in huge chaos. The Israeli army said, "Overnight, IDF fighter jets struck a Hamas rocket manufacturing workshop, as well as a Hamas military compound in Khan Yunis." Besides, the Israel-Palestine issue is turning ugly with time.

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Israeli Planes Attack Gaza, Claim To Have Destroyed Hamas' Weapons Sites

After Palestinians tried to climb the Gaza Strip's northern border fence to hurl explosives at the Israeli army, Israeli planes targeted Gaza on August 21. The Israeli military claimed to have hit Hamas' four weapons storage and manufacturing sites. Gaza's Health Ministry claimed that at least 41 citizens were hurt in the Gaza Strip clashes. "Israeli troops responded with riot dispersal means, including when necessary live fire", Israel… read-more

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Israel launches strikes against Gaza for the first time since coalition government came into power.

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Israel Breaks Ceasefire Deal Again, Launches Airstrikes On Gaza

Blasts in Gaza echoed at around 1 AM, denoting that Israel launched its first strike since the coalition government emerged. According to the Hamas media, the strikes were targeted at Palestinian training camp in order to retaliate militants sending incendiary balloons to the South of Israel. So far no casualties have been reported. Besides, the truce between Israel and Palestine had been brokered and put into effect from May 21. 

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Al-Aqsa mosque, Jerusalem.

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Palestinians, Israeli Police Engage In Clash Again Hours After Truce

Palestinians and the Israel Police were again engaged in an exchange of violence on May 21, just hours after Israel and Hamas agreed on Gaza ceasefire. Reportedly, the police were attacked by the Palestinians with stones and explosives while guarding a gate at the Al-Aqsa mosque. However, the security forces also responded with stun grenades. Notably, a similar incident in early May had caused the recently resolved 11-day Israel-Hamas war.… read-more

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Israel-Palestine conflict.

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Israel Announces Gaza Ceasefire; Hamas Terms It Victory

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Gaza's Islamist faction Hamas on May 21 agreed to a ceasefire after the Israeli cabinet voted "unanimously" in favour of this. The ceasefire was brokered by Egypt, ending the 11-day long airstrikes from both the parties. US President Joe Biden welcomed the truce saying, "Palestinians and Israelis equally deserve to live safely". However, Hamas called the ceasefire as Israel's defeat and Palestine… read-more

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Israel Palestine war

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For First, No Casualties Reported In Israel-Gaza Conflict Since May 10

Warring Israeli-Palestinian sides on May 18 reported zero casualties which gave a ray of hope of possibly pacifying situation in the contentious region since May 10. Reportedly, the fighting caused hundreds of civilian casualties including children. However, despite this, there seems to be no signs of a ceasefire between the two forces. Notably, world leaders have  called for a ceasefire in what is one of the most deadliest conflicts.

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Israel- Palestine Conflict

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Israeli Jets Hit Targets In Central Gaza Over Non-stop Rocket Attacks

At least 12 Palestinians including a mother and her three children were killed after Israeli fighter jets attack targets in Central Gaza on May 15. Reportedly, the Israel army retaliated after Palestinian militants in Gaza attacked southern Israel with rockets on Ashdod city. While the Israeli forces have claimed of hitting the Hamas operating office and other sites, the UN claimed bombardment has forced 10,000 residents to leave their homes… read-more

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Soumya Santhosh.

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Israel Pledges To Take Care Of Kerala-based Soumya Santhosh's Family

Israeli has announced to take care of Soumya Santhosh's family as a compensation of her death, which occurred due to the ongoing Israel-Palestine tensions. Offering condolences, Israel's Deputy Chief of Mission to India Rony Yedidia Clein assured that Santhosh' remains will be transported back to India. Earlier, Santhosh was killed after a rocket fired from Gaza struck her residence while she was on a video call with her husband. 

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